paper heart

i hate micheal cera so bad, but this movie looks way too good to miss. its supposed to be a documentary but i looked around and found out that the asian girl co wrote it, and even weirder is the fact that micheal cera is her real life boyfriend. wo. someone please explain.
and i love me some zooey deschanel!


the youth


back home

someone needs to get me this now. i just got back home. i'll put some pictures up sometime soon, so much going on this week! ahhh

has anyone heard of this new fred segal reality show? its going to be bananas i just know it! ahh so excited! okay, back to homework...



i normally dont wear tanks but i decided to try one on at H&M the other day and it actually looked fine, so i bought it. Now im a little obsesssed; they'll be perfect for lounging on the beach and sipping pina coladas! im just making my own ones now, if i have time, i'll make a white one too. Oh and the white strip is just some scrap iron on i had laying around and so i just placed them on. The drapey one, is actually the black of it, and i used steph's alexander wang tank to get the shape, and it actually looks exactly the same. saved like 98$. haha.


why do i have such bad taste in music sometimes?


the flawless kate lanphear

things i need this summer

COACD shirt

cheap Christopher Kane like shirt.

maison martin margiela anyone?

feel free to buy any of these for me. k thanks.


for lovers

There was a huge sale at fabricville today, and i came out with some grey stretch knit (i want to make myself a sweater), some green jersey, icegrey chiffon, and finally some beautiful snake skin printed jersey. it's a little extreme but i think itd make for a great going out cardigan. hahaa we'll see how that works out. i just couldnt leave without it! the sale ends tomorrow so i might go back with steph to get more skirt material since everything is like 50% off. crazzaayy. now i have to go get back to homework. ohhhh beautiful fabrics and spring weather; why must you taunt me?

on a side note, why did i never take the time to listen to Pete Doherty? this song is amaaaaazing

Made these yesterday, they're for a special occasion. there's a common thread linking them too.. can you guess what it is? more on that laterrrr.

YES, that is kate moss on my wall. :)


flame print

jak & jil

i'm loving these flame prints from jeremy laing's collection. i think its the contrast between the soft curtains and the dark silhouette. i have to admit, they'd look ridiculous anywhere but in this photo.



Yesterday, steph, aurelie and i went shopping downtown. it was really fun, its been so long since we've all gone together. Anyways somehow we ended up a fabricville and walked out with tons of fabric yet again. its sad how ive never gone out of fabricville without buying anything. ugh, so steph has had a penchant for pastels lately, and so we were on the hunt for nice pastel fabrics. we ended up getting some nice seafoam green( i made her a suuuuper long scarf) and some nice pink ( which i used for the skirt). enjoyyy

ps. i took these late at night, the color is totally off. ill try to take new pictures later
UDATE; i tried taking other pictures but somehow the color ended up the same, these new pictures show the shirt better anyways.

look how im doing

me (sort of) in 7 days!

has anyone heard heidi's new song? definitely my new guilty pleasure.


diy shredded tee

ive been working on this for the past few days, i really want to make a couple in time for my trip because i think theyll be perfect for the sunny weather. today was really productive, i made another cardigan, the labels, i havent got around to making that yohji yamamoto inspired cardigan, but i have two days off school for easter, so i think i'll make it then. Oh, and that bag i was talking about before, turned out really cool, its like an oversized envelope, and its big enough to fit all my books. i made aurelie one too but in the greyish leather and added a stud too! i'll add pictures after. anyways off to sleeep!



i wanted to go to the topshop opening SO BAD. when i look at h&m now it just pales in comparison. i also just found out that theres a pinkberry in nyc! must road trip this summer.

15 days till im off to the dominican!


dustland fairytale

here is the very first skirt i will have ever sold. Rose contacted me a while ago and asked me to make her a skirt similar to the one i made steph, but lately ive been really busy and i cant seem to find peach fabric and so i made her this one instead. she said she realllly loves it and so im excited. let's toast to my first client ever! hurrrahhh!

update; its 2:20am, cant sleep and so im up making myself a bag.