I'm currently working on a little capsule collection for this fashion show on February 25th but more on that later. I've gotten really inspired by this special moss called LICHEN that is only found in some of the most extreme environments on Earth like the arctic tundra, hot deserts, rocky coasts and toxic slag heaps. I only have about 3 pieces done so far, so I really have to get going, but here's a little preview:

Just a basic tee, but super long and narrow, it hits about 3 inches past the waist, and has a moon hem. The texture of the fabric is just perfect, it completely encompasses my inspiration, because of it's sheerness, it looks as though lichen is actually growing on the person, something i find so beautiful.

This is the other 2 pieces that i've done, a cropped tee shirt that i LOVE because it looks like a crumpled paper bag or treebark? It was initially made big, but it was too stiff so i washed it and it came out like this, so much better in my opinion. The skirt i made tonight, I think it's adorable. Reminiscent of a petticoat? but in this amazing mint color.
Basically this is the color scheme; a transition from mint to beige to burnt orange.

Tell me what you think!



Street peeped by GOLDZMINE


ADELE : 21

Obsessed with Adele's new cd 21: beautiful, depressing, grand, uplifting.

"So I won't let you close enough to hurt me,
No I won't ask you, you to just desert me"



death by givenchy

All Asian cast at Givenchy Haute Couture S/S 2011
Models: (back row) Ming Xi (Ford), Hye Park (Trump), Liu Wen (Marilyn) & Ai Tominaga (Marilyn)
(front row) Shu Pei (Next), Tao Okamoto (Ford), Sun FeiFei (Supreme), Jiang Xiao Yi (Silent),
So Young Kang (Marilyn) & Du Juan (IMG)



Photos from HAERFEST

Recently discovered new brand HAERFEST's overnight duffle. If you know me, you know I have a weak spot for duffles. I probably have 20. This one is special though; a classic shape but the addition of the cover turns this bag into a must have. It's something that i've never seen before. The look is so understated, and classic with the right amount of hardware. This is another bag that MUST make it into my collection.

check out more from HAERFEST.



A couple(17) pictures from my trip to New York this past weekend. It was super last minute and on a whim. Did a whole bunch of touristy things, but it was so much fun.

Being/Eating like real Americans, Taking pictures like azn tourists at Times Square, Reading The New York Times at a Starbucks 2 streets away from the actual New York Times building, 20 chicken nuggets for 5$, atop the Empire State Building, the site of the first Alexander Wang store, Grand Central Station, breaking my heart(broke my heart), Magnolia Bakery, BOOKMARC, TIME'S UP, strolling through Soho, Jumping in Central Park, Losing all my money at Barneys, Late night Milkshakes, Having no more money to eat, Sweet tea, Drinking illegally on Saturday night, Being forced to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, Freezing 24/7; These are only a few of the awesome memories I have of this weekend. Now back to school and reality

Streetstyle: Army Green Coat with Shearling Overlay

photo by Phil Oh of the amazing Street Peeper
Love this look so much, it's so daring and forward yet he still looks super masculine.
Something I think a lot of guys tend to sacrifice, for the sake of being "different".

This photo was taken in London, which makes my decision to do go abroad so much harder!
Where to go? Paris or London?




picture from style.com  (collage by me) 

Seriously, how boring was prefall this year?
 Normally it's an opportunity for designers to test out concepts and ideas for fall. It's also usually the collection (along with resort) that sells most, so designers usually churn out more sell-able (read: boring) collections (a.k.a. Alexander Wang). Jack and Lazaro, of course, never go boring. This is collection is sooooo sellable and yet interesting and has something to say. I love their use of such eclectic prints and the mix is so perfect. I love that they finally dove in and made such statement with the knits too. The prints little reminiscent of Dries van Noten, but totally done in their signature NY cool manner.

I love how crazy the prints are, but yet they look so sophisticated and stray away from the Tribal reference and more towards a South American vibe. Surprisingly thought, my two favorite looks are the completely solid dresses. TeenWitch-ey vibes, basic, easy, and the draping is so flattering and effortless.

SAMIA told me I should just rename my blog to
something along the lines of PROENZA SCHOULER FOREVER.
and I mean why not? my blog is basically a shrine to Jack and Lazaro right?


where is my mind

Emilie, November 2010



photos from Intrepid London

Starting the year off right, taking vibrant color blocking cues from my favorite s/s 11 collection; Jil Sander. Katie Shillingford for Dazed and Confused's January issue. I love that paper bag skirt so much.

In similar news, Drew Barrymore wore an altered version of the tangerine column dress from the Jil Sander s/s11 show to a Covergirl event.

Definitely my favorite red carpet moment (cue:Rachel Zoe) in a while. Celebrities are always so predictable with their red carpet choices, and so, it is so refreshing to see someone take such a daring risk.

I also loved that the amazing color palette from the menswear line continued in into the womens RTW line too.