School has started again and unsurprisingly it sucks. i pretty much wake up at 6:30 everyday. :( not much has been happening in the fashion world, PARIS couture fashion week just passed and then new york fashion week soon. Couture was meh, only Givenchy and key pieces from Chanel were good ( the hair was horrrrrrrendus) though. Pictures have been everywhere so i dont think i'll post anything.

Bryanboy posted links to BRODARTE inspired jumpers, which were only 50$ on ebay, so OBVIOUSLY i had to buy one! I ended up getting this one , it resembled the most to real RODARTE so yeah, supppper excited for that to come, but its been a while though, like more than two weeks :( PLEASE COME SOON!



Some more PRE-FALL collections have been popping up lately and im super excited. Pre-fall is usually lackluster but i really feel as though these collections are thought out and can stand alone. feathers (circa spring09) are back! wooo!


I love the spacey print/image they printed onto the knits. Sort of reminiscent of Christopher Kane's stuff, but its NICOLAS GHESQUIERE. so wtvs. did you notice the CRAZAY pants in picture #3? not cute or flattering...


I LOVE LOVE Phoebe Philo at Celine! I was super excited that she came back to the industry and have always loved her work at CHLOE. Her sense of proportion is just right on. so goood. I also love that you can really see her vision and her sense of style come through the designs. Celine is on its way back up! :D


Jack and Lazarro did it again! They brought their sophisticated twist to americana. WIth this collection they channeled a "collegiate" feel. It's a nice collection, but nothing CRAZYING/OMGDYINGG?@! pieces... The accessories like always are stellar though. They always knock it out of the parc with their accessories. I mean, could you expect any less from the creaters of the PS1? i think not...


I was super scared to see the collection when i read style.com's blurb;
"That means the studding and the heavy embellishing that's become practically synonymous with the Paris label during Tisci's reign is gone. "
I almost died when i read it; the studding and ornate nature of all Ricardo Tisci's designs are what i have come to expect and love from Givenchy. but disapointed i was not, instead i was pleasantly surprised! The dark romanticism feel is still omnipresent! AND AND AND they made the magical/beautiful/iconic/amazing Nightingale into a TROLLER. AMAZING. i neeeeeeeeeeeeed it. please and thanks!




Terry Richardson; the legend, has created a blog/visual diary! Cant wait to see more!



Signature 'bear' print ELIXE jersey long sleeve, with unfinished hem neckline.

This is the newest piece from my collection, i wasnt going to show any of it until i had a proper lookbook made and stuff, but who knows how long thats going to take me HA. Im super excited about this tee though! The fabric came in panels which features 3 bears, but i chose to use only one for this shirt, i bought like 4 panels though :S 12 bears in total HAH I knew it was a intense when i bought it but didnt get how intense it is until i got home hahaah i mean lord, its a freaking bear on a cliff with a waterfall threwn in there for good measure. LOVE it .


Age of Innocence



Thanks to my amazing sister STEPH, i was able to cross out the very first item from my COVET list (left). Every year we get each other a little something extra for christmas, (we do a gift thing with our cousins too) I got her blue satin Chanel nailpolish and an Alexander Wang t-dress. She got me the COMPLEXGEOMTRIES Junction T!!! It's so amazing i cant even explain. SO SO SO ME. lolz The drape is so intense yet so controlled. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Thanks Steph! :D



Rad Hourani as Karl Lagerfeld



Opening Ceremony

OPENING CEREMONY scored the first pieces of RODARTE for men. Featuring two crewneck and two cardigans. SO AMAZING. i need to learn how to knit, pronto! someone please teach me or give me 2,760$! :D thanks!

they also have a bunch of other stuff like this AMAZING crewneck, but they're only available in stores :*( fml.