Some more PRE-FALL collections have been popping up lately and im super excited. Pre-fall is usually lackluster but i really feel as though these collections are thought out and can stand alone. feathers (circa spring09) are back! wooo!


I love the spacey print/image they printed onto the knits. Sort of reminiscent of Christopher Kane's stuff, but its NICOLAS GHESQUIERE. so wtvs. did you notice the CRAZAY pants in picture #3? not cute or flattering...


I LOVE LOVE Phoebe Philo at Celine! I was super excited that she came back to the industry and have always loved her work at CHLOE. Her sense of proportion is just right on. so goood. I also love that you can really see her vision and her sense of style come through the designs. Celine is on its way back up! :D


Jack and Lazarro did it again! They brought their sophisticated twist to americana. WIth this collection they channeled a "collegiate" feel. It's a nice collection, but nothing CRAZYING/OMGDYINGG?@! pieces... The accessories like always are stellar though. They always knock it out of the parc with their accessories. I mean, could you expect any less from the creaters of the PS1? i think not...


I was super scared to see the collection when i read style.com's blurb;
"That means the studding and the heavy embellishing that's become practically synonymous with the Paris label during Tisci's reign is gone. "
I almost died when i read it; the studding and ornate nature of all Ricardo Tisci's designs are what i have come to expect and love from Givenchy. but disapointed i was not, instead i was pleasantly surprised! The dark romanticism feel is still omnipresent! AND AND AND they made the magical/beautiful/iconic/amazing Nightingale into a TROLLER. AMAZING. i neeeeeeeeeeeeed it. please and thanks!

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