(as if you hadn't noticed)
I'm just not feeling it anymore, I know it's temporary. I've just felt a lost of inspiration lately.
You know i'll be back better than ever.
If you miss me that much there's always my tumblr.

for now?
all the best.



I would never wear heels but this look is just so good.
Those Acne Atacoma's are bananas!
I know this guy's a stylist, he's been popping up everywhere
but i can't seem to find his name anymore.
can anyone i.d him?

Anyways i'm currently in Chicago for Lollapalloza,
but it's sooo soo hot. Humidity, and heat is not good news for me.
I guess we'll see...

oh and look what i got :P

it's the proenza schouler fish print wallet from spring 2010!
thanks steph & ems!!