I love these looks from Stolen Girlfriends Club's Lookbook. My favorite piece has got to be the studded collar dresshirt. it's just screaming DIY.
oh man Halloween is tomorrow! I'm going with my friends upnorth and we rented a cabin! We're going to some party, but im just excited to watch Hocus Pocus and eat junk food with my best friends ;)
OH and ps. I made a total of 9! Halloween costumes this year! Pictures to come I hope!


know better learn faster

This outfit is perfect in everyway. I wish Montreal was a little more fashion adventurous, id totally walk out like this.
Love the play in textures, the knit tights, the cut out back. oh man.



Just a little preview of whats to come from MTL Fashion Week.



It's FASHIONWEEK coverage time! AHH, let's get to it;


Alright, so the collection started off a little weird and I honestly didnt like it, but as it progressed I really got the whole theme. The thing I love most is that Wang did something completely different and tried to expand his brand and SUCCEEDED! (ahem; gareth pugh... -_- ) The details are really what make this collection. So ingenious to use baseball like stitching for the leather, the protege-tibia like socks, the baseball bag, the cut-out backs, every look was so intricate and you can really tell he puts in so much time and effort into every single look. The only thing I didnt like were the shoes except for the black ones, those were amazing, but the animal print ones were a mess. I love me some leopard prints but no thanks.

Erin Wasson for RVCA, new york

Erin Wasson's collection wasnt mind blowing or innovative but it was overall a good collection. I loved how every look was an exact replica of Erin's beachy/cali/boho cool look. I loved how in the first look, she didnt use a polkadot print but rather they're sequins! so smart! But I was very disappointed that she so obviously copied this sweater from Alexander Wang's 2010 resort line. FAIL. lolz. Other than that it was a cool collection.

J. Mendel, new york

I was so pleastantly surprise with J. Mendel's collection this season. Everyone knows i'm a huge sucker for drape and this collection was drape galore. So light, fresh, airy; awesome.

Thakoon, new york

Another surprise was at Thakoon. Though I think I like it because it reminds me of Balenciaga but wtv. This collection is amazing. So creative, new shapes, and i love how effortless the mixture of prints and fabrics was achieved. Definitely a good surprise.

Rodarte, new york

What can i say? I'm a sucker for Rodarte. Every collection they seem to present something, exciting, most importantly something to fantasize about. With the recession, designers are going for more sellable peices, but thats no fun. The Sisters always know how to bring out beauty from the most odd/dark sources. I dont even know what more to say about this collection. completely totally inspirational. This is the calibre of talent you wish to achieve. dont believe me? explain this.

Proenza Schouler, new york

PROENZA was amazing this season as always. I loved how obvious and beautifully the theme came across. It wasnt tacky, or ugly. It was pretty, clean and classic yet with a quirky twist that they are known for. ahhhh just beautiful colors and prints. :D

Burberry, london

Burberry was awesome too, I loved how they went back to london and this this time focused on re-inventing the trench. Jacket's are my new obsession this season. (working on my own right after this! :) )

Rick Owens, paris

Rick Owens was amazing, I love how he's so edgy yet so sophisticated. His aesthetic is what im channeling this winter; tons of black, and great use of texture.

Haider Ackermann, paris

Haider Ackermann is so underrated and i dont get why. The amazing silhouette with the jacket/nipped waist and the long dramatic skirt always gets me. So effortlessly classic and beautiful.

Ann Demeulemeester, paris

OH MY GOD. Zippered detailing? how could you not love this collection? the black&white prints, the shoes, the colors(black and white), the SHOES, the zippers. so so good.

Wunderkind, paris

Surprisingly good collection. Excellent use of buffalo check,( ahem, Christopher Kane = fail)

Givenchy, paris

I know I can always count on Ricardo Tisci to deliver an amazing collection every season. I love the striped JERSEY jackets, the crazy print, the amaaazing white pieces. Just a solid collection. :D

Alexander Mcqueen, paris

And Finally, the most fantasical collection this season. Alexander Mcqeen really took it to a new level this year. His collection was inspired, technical, and most importantly beautiful. The detail was just so intricate, and you really dont realize it until you see detail shots, ex. the gold minidress has INCREDIBLE gold beading. fucking crazy. ahhh The prints were to die for and not to mention the amazing hoof-like shoes. hands down my favorite collection this season.

Alright! So those were my favorite collections from spring 2010. You may have noticed some of my regular favorites missing like Balenciaga and Lanvin but I really didnt like their collections this season. all is forgiven, they're still amazing in my eyes. haha :) MONTREAL FASHION WEEK IS NEXT! woooo





This is what fashion is all about; fantasy.
McQueen always serves it up.

see the whole show here



Lately, ive been itching to create a collection. Its been on my mind for a while
now, but finally today I was able to start. I made a total of two pieces. LOL. but they're awesome. Im really into all black or greyscale tones for this fall/winter and so I think those will be the main colors, and mabye with some splashes of color here and there. Spicy coral? or mint green a la givenchy? I guess only time will tell...

I started out just fooling around and testing different collars because I wanted to
make myself a crazy coat/jacket for MTL fashion week. I ended up running out of fabric, but it really worked in my favor, or well steph's favor. Its a blazer/vest haha I love the boxy/ boyfriend blazer feel to it. It's my second "blazer" inspired piece (see below) and it's actually really really finished. I left the arm hole edges raw because I though it just looked as though someone just ripped the sleeves off or something. It also balances the opposition of the lapels really nicely. BUT yet again it looks funny on me, but amaz-ing on steph. so it's hers now. -_-

Another staple of my (soon) winter wardrobe are flowing/draped tops. I made a black
jersey intensely draped vest which i wear backwords and then with my zara blazer, it creates another level/ interesting detail, that i love. Like look quick and you dont really see it, but upon closer inspection you really see all the intricate draping and flow. I bought the grey fabric a long time ago to make a skirt, but never got around to it, so i used it for this. It's just a perfect layering piece and really has it's own personality. I've also been trying to focus on details and completion of my pieces lately and so i added the little strap at the back, I think it just adds a nice detail and keeps it from getting boring in the back. SUPER FLOWY. Again, it looks crazy amazing on steph, but its more of a tunic than a shirt.

Finally, this is my favorite piece. It's a deconstructed take on a blazer.
Accidental, and yet perfect. The picture really doesnt do it justice. It's made out of a grey-blend jersey and has one batwing sleeve, and the other is a generic sleeve. Super bouncy and voluminous. It started out as my version of the "snuggie" for the flight to Paris. It was a little to avante-garde for Montreal. so i toned it down a bit, and added a generic sleeve. (if you look you can still see the other batwing sleep under the normal one) Now it's my comfy cardigan. :D and super versatile again. I think thats really becoming a value for me in my pieces. Mabye an outfit post soon? ;S the pictures really dont do it justice...

stay tuned for more!


tommy ton

Vanesa Traina dresses like me if i were were a) a girl, b) insanely rich.




I'm sorry for the random drought of posting, but balancing work and school was really getting tricky. Anyways things are starting to slow down and so i'm back! Where to start, hmmm. Well, I will be doing spring 2010 coverage, but im just waiting for Paris Fashion Week to wrap up and then i'll do a major post with all my favorite collections. Get excited for that.. haha and then I signed up for a press pass at MTL fashion week, so hopefully that goes though, I'm super excited for this season, because i know what im getting myself into and wont be like last season where i was just so "new" to everything.
In other news, I bought myself a new sewing machine after my second one broke. I have no idea how, i might be cursed :S but when i step on the petal it just doesnt move.. I got tired of waiting so i just sucked it up and bought another one. I've been sewing alot lately so i'll be updating on that soon enough too! OH,I've made my first bodice! It's a little loose but i'll get around to fixing it soon... Also stay tuned for my deconstructed take on a blazer. soo soo soo excited about that.
I guess that's all for now :)