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uhh so IM DONE SCHOOL. there's only a four day intensive gym but who cares? AH so as i treat for finishing school, i lifted my selfimposed ban from fabricville; lucky me there was a HUGE reno sale. I got some grey jersey, some spicy coral (ha), and some black. im going to go back soon to buy more. 50% off on sale fabrics, what!? ahhhh its summer and im loving it.


I just found this amazing new brand called THIRD FLOOR NEW YORK, I LOVE their aesthetic. I would make or buy every single piece of their new A/W09 collection if i could. Everything about it; the cuts, draping, spicy coral, the black. This collection just embodies what I wish to be. I am also totally making my own winter jacket this year. Must improve now.



88$ for the amazing trench coat! and its the most expensive thing in the whole collection! Yay for the recession! hahaha
Ive been forced to study hardcore lately so I went to the library close to my house for the first time sunday and its amazing! There's a whole fashion section, with the DIOR coffee book, which is amazing, and alot of other ones too. Your rental is freaking THREE weeks. who needs a book for three weeks? wtv. Im going back soon to get the LANVIN coffee book. I love Alber. Read this amazing, yet lengthy article. It totally makes you appreciate fashion and the people behind it so much more. Last exam tomorrow! At 4, its all OVER, and i couldn't be happier.



Today was horrible; i dont handle rejection well,
i jump to comclusions, i have huge procrastination problems,
im too extreme; its always high or low. life sucks sometimes.


Love Brandon's outfits for this whole album. So awesome.



"Jane felt her blood freeze. Fiona never called Jane into her office unless she was in trouble. It was always something like, "Jane, the last time I checked, ivory and eggshell weren't the same color," or "Jane, is this message from Jeffrey with a J or Geoffrey with a G?" What had she done this time? Either way, she preferred that her humiliating lectures take place in private—just her and Fiona behind closed doors. Guess not today. She frowned at the cameras, which were supposed to be capturing "an average workday." Well, now, the L.A. Candy viewers are going to see my average butt getting yelled at, Jane thought."

- An exert from Lauren Conrad's new book, read some more over at Teen Vogue its so corny but obviously i love it. haha. i cant help and im sure its the purpose, but i always picture lauren as the narrator. Now we know why she left the hills. kristin will bomb the hills. its going to be horrible, i just know it.

UPDATE; just a little about my self lately; all ive been doing to just lounging and getting into the swing of summer. I know this summer is going to be amazing; possible job at URBAN, visits from the people i love most, my ability to drive now, etc.. but now, im studying. :( I have a calculus exam tomorrow and then a psychology exam on Thursday. so it study study mode, i actually went to the local library by myself yesterday! ohhhh and on Friday, I made myself some harem pants from that grey sweater material (the grey cardigan) ive been living in them for the past three days. theyre so sooo comfy and they make me look like a genie (annie), which is always a bonus hahah. alright, back to studying.




snakeskin [jersey] tank via blackberry


one of the best magazine covers in a while

beverly hills




so lately, i havent been sewing as much as id like, blame school, but classes are over, and i just have two finals to go! These are just some things ive made lately, the black sweater (first picture) is the latest thing, i just made it today. The grey cardigan is a bit of mess, i made it like at 2 am when i couldnt sleep but tried to fix it yesterday, now it looks fine on. Then theres the hot pick skirt; the fabric reminds me of mens givenchy, [which i love] and then the yellow skirt is this banana-ey color, it looks like a smoothie! and such a bargain at 3$/m. Finally, the black cardigan, i made out of this thicker black stretch, and since ive never found that perfect blazer, I decided to Balmain this, well steph studded it, because i had to study. muhahaha. On a side note, i know people read this blog, so please comment more, well comment period.



AHHH! Karl never ceases to impress. How decadent is this cruise show? recession? what? love love love it. On the same note, I wanted to rent out a boat for my upcoming 18th birthday party but after some quick google-ing, its out of the question. It's like 2000+! i'll take a macbook thanks.


How to Be Your Most Fabulous Self

I cannot even start to explain why and how badly I need this, too bad it only comes out in october(too late for my birthday) but whatever, pre-order yours now!




this is all i seem to want to wear lately; recently found the wonders of the 3pack hanes t-shirts. theyre so perfect, oversized and understated. roll up the sleeves and bam, awesome. i do need to buy new espadrilles soon though, the ones i have now are starting to lose their color. ahh two more days of hell then exams. then i have intensive gym, and then finally summerschool. i just want it to all end. i just want to relax.



How cute is the bottle for marc jacob's new perfume?
In other news, the new cobrastarship ft leighton meester song is out, and surprisingly its good!
well, if you minus cobra starship. Skip to 1:10 Leighton is sooo good.

and here is little j, performing with her band Pretty Reckless, which is decent
without the weird squeals. She is such a creepy 16 year old.




proenza schouler

1/2 of my favorite design team got punched in the face by idiot kiefer sutherland, at the mulleavy sister's met afterparty.
Now his nose is broken :/ plus its over brooke shields; what a waste.


american dream

I feel so exhausted lately, it may be a bug or just induced by school. right now, im thinking its a mixture of both. summer needs to come now please.



What I initially thought was just going to be one piece, pictures have leaked of other pieces he has done(including hats). Sadly the moto jacket is a little too girly. (I think it might be sleeves). I'll definitely try to make it work don't get me wrong, but thankfully the long trench looks perfect! I'll definitely be getting that. Can't wait! June 17th!

Costume Institute Gala is happening now!! Stam in RODARTE FTW. flawless.



matthew williamson

These are my picks from the matthew williamson for H&M line. Must haves are the tribal t shirt, and the studded motorcycle jacket(i'm going to fight and wait in line for this, NEED it.)

In other news, Alexander Wang has collaborated with Gap to make a khaki motocycle jacket, which is rumored to be amazing and under 100$. Please god let it be a man's jacket, and if not, unisex or appear to be. haha. its coming june 17th!