Here are two of the sunglasses that recently came into my life;

The Lanvin x HM sunglasses.

Thank god I didn't have to wait in line for these babies. I first discovered these classic Lanvin sunglasses through Sonny Groo (Editor in Chief of MYKROMAG, and ever since i've been lusting for a pair to make into prescription ones for myself. Unfortunately, they're sold out everywhere and impossible to get. Fortunately, the HM collab brought them back into my life, though I wont be turning these into prescription pairs. Anyways in my opinion these are basically the best piece of the whole collab and only 30$.

Vintage Inspired Circular Frames

These are just a cheap pair of 50's inspired sunglasses I got from EBAY thanks to PULLTEETH. I love the shape because it reminds me of the Linda Farrow ones except these are a fraction of the price, which is perfect for me since I can only wear sunglasses to the beach anyways(the only place where I can handle not having clear vision). It's just too much of a hassle to put on contacts every time I want to wear sunglasses. If I go somewhere sure it'll look cool for like an hour, but then at one point i'll have to take my sunglasses off and then look like a crazy person sans-glasses. (slash i'll feel naked). So no thank you.

p.s. how appropriate right? a sunglasses post, when there's ice covering everything outside, it's freezing, I wear 3 layer minimum a day... Just another reminder that i'm not going anywhere tropical this winter.



For those of you in Montreal, don't forget to stop by Samia/GOLDZMINE's Dapper Dan; MOVEMBER VERNISSAGE tomorrow.
It'll feature mustache themed art by plenty of local Montrealers and yours truly (though for my piece, "art" is a quite a stretch) Anyways it's a great event to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research. So come by, get your picture taken at the MUSTACHE-BOOTH, buy something(preferably my piece), or get a fun/useless felt mustache pin for your best friend!

Mustache Skewers and Pins made by me (lol) #craftcorner

OH! and I forgot; there's going to be sweet bands like Golden Isles too!
Check out their Take Away Show from La Blogotheque.

so come!
I promise my hair wont be so ugly!

3634 St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec
Metro: St-Laurent


                 Obsessed with this new brand SHIN's paint speckled F/W2010 collection. The long sleeve shirts are currently on sale for 118$ at their online store. Their pieces are really progressive and interesting. With the majority of the pieces in black. The cool thing is that, the paint speckles gradually fade off as the wearer, well, wears it. They're also priced at really reasonable price point too! (90$ for a basic top - 391$ for a perfectly draped jacket) If anyone was wondering what to buy me for Christmas, those pants and top would be AH-MAZING.



Gemma Ward & Josh Hartnett
EDITORIAL: Like a virgin  
MODEL: Gemma Ward & Josh Hartnett  

One of my favorite editorials, Gemma come back!





It's when I see things like this, that I'm reminded how cool Montreal can be (sometimes). This is a sweet new promo video/short film to promote Kapok, a new store that recently opened here in Montreal. Check their blog out. They carry a carefully curated selection of brands from all over the world; Super minimalist and clean. I think they did a great job with the video, conveying such a strong sense of joie de vivre. Something we'll need to get through this treacherous winter ahead.


This weekend only, for those of you in Montreal...


Witchy Prep School vibes from Proenza Schouler's F/W 2010 collection. This winter, i'm taking most of my style cues from this collection; preppy, dark, black, peter pan collars, foresty metallic green, leather, and thick knits. The only thing i'm missing are those Proenza Schouler x J Brand jeans (ahem, christmas). oh feel free to throw in a black leather PS1 while you're at it Jack and Lazaro ;).

Outfit post?

Ralph Lauren button-up, Club Monaco Christmas knit, Brown leather Docs.

Sorry for the lame photobooth quality, I just don't have to time to set up my slr and place it and all that, it's so much easier to just use photobooth. I knew yesterday would be one of the few days left where i could get away with just wearing a large knit, and even though I promised myself I wouldn't wear any of my Christmas knits before December, I couldn't help it. Can you see a bit of the Proenza reference? k me either.

Here's a video of the livestream to refresh your memory:





pictures from style.com

Olivier Theysken's last collection for Nina Ricci; so eerie, fantastical, relevant, powerful, beautiful.
Definitely one of my favorite collections ever.



picture from The Fashion Spot

I came across this picture, and immediately thought of my favorite Chanel commercial ever; enjoy

Flintstones Halloween

I know Halloween is over, but I wanted to post this picture I took with my blackberry before getting dressed. I had to FORCE my friends to dress up this year, and thankfully they finally agreed. I decided to be Fred, sadly the bam bam costume isnt show here... but I think all the costumes turned out really great, we used Jeremy Scott S/S10 for hair inspiration. All in all it was a awesome night!

California Sunrise

California Sunrise - DIRTY GOLD

This is going to be my anthem this Christmas, I can't adequately explain how sad I am that I wont be going anywhere tropical or basically ANYWHERE this Christmas break because of my exam schedule. school suxs




Recently, I've been trying to take portraits of the people around me; I see it as a lengthy project that will continue and grow and improve as time progresses. Luckily, I've finally figured out a process to edit my photos (in black and white) that I'm satisfied with and so I'll be posting a few from each series here and there.