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FRIDAY, I can't wait!


Damir Doma's aesthetic has always captivated me. His work mostly consists of black, white or grey print with bright pops of color intergrated in. He uses draping, exaggerated silhouettes, interesting details, transparency. All these design elements I can see mirrored in my own work. Oki-ni, the online retailer, has just released an archive of Doma's work and it is truly amazing. I wish i owned every piece of this collection; the shoes, the airy cardigans, the exaggerated moto jackets, the slouchy drapey hooded cape! I want it all! See it all here.



The Louvre Pyramid, Moulin Rouge, Shopping Day 1, Salade Nicoise,
Courbet's The Painter's Studio, NICOLAS wine, The EIFFEL Tower.

In honor of Samia coming back from Paris,
and the fact that i need to take a mental break from all this school madness;
PARIS pictures because i miss it so much!

A.F. Vandevorst

I just found A.F. Vandevorst's spring 2010 collection and i dont know how i could have missed it! It's such a solid collection, with all the key spring trends; transparency and underwear as outerwear, very prominent throughout. It also has notes of MARGIELA in there as well no? It just had to be added as on of my favorites from spring!


the good ole' days

please come back!


MAGIC; I would kill for these.



leader of the pack


personal update

Ahh so i know my blog has been lacking a personal touch for a while now, but here i am to revive it!
We'll start off with a few of the halloween costumes that i made :D

This was for steph's bible themed Halloween costume party. Joanna, Gab and Steph were the three lambs!
When reversed, the skirt was like a teacup! so cute!

This was Steph's second costume for Vaia's Birthday/Halloween Party!
She was Ugly Betty!! Here's the real Betty and here's steph!
I also made Braga an egyptian costume! She looked soooo good! That headpiece was perfect!

I also made Alex some feather shoulder pieces and a few touches for his EPIC Brandon Flowers costume.
See here and the real brandon flowers.

This was my costume! I was a native, obviously..
here's an awkward picture of me, but it shows my whole outfit so wtv;

I wore my favorite wolf sweater, fringe vest, dreamcatcher as a necklace lolz, and moccasins! oh and red stripes on my cheek for good measure. The vest initially had only brown fringe that i made myself, but on a trip to VALUE VILLAGE{ugh} i found a huge bag full of the tan-ish fringe for only 4 dollars! It really brought my outfit to a whole new level... Here's a close up of the shoulders which were my favorite part! I think native was one of the most popular costumes this year; rumi from fashion toast, JENPHUR, and a whole bunch of my friends were too! Honestly, This was probably one of the best halloweens ive ever had; My friends and I rented a cabin up north and went to this sketchy party, got lost, almost fell off a cliff, planned a white party, shopped, had brunch, talked, barely slept haha. Which is weird becuase I usually just stay in and give out candy, [never liked going out for trickortreating; something about getting candy from strangers...] but I really had an amazing time with my besties!

Enough about halloween, now heres some of the things ive made these past few weeks;

This is my very first coat EVER. I put so much time and effort into this,(LOLZ 4 hours on a Wednesday night right after the shows) oh man. I LOVE it though. It's made to look like a trench in the back, and then BAM in the front. I love how it looks like a cocoon when you wear it, but its actually just a draped scarf-like panel. The coat actually extends if you unhook it from a button, but only in the front. Hard to explain... Anyways I made the coat cause i needed something crazy to wear for the last day of MTL FASHION WEEK, and a man actually came up to me and complimented me and asked me where i got it! :D best compliment ever. oh and i also got interviewed for this french streetstyle segment thing, but its so embarrassing cause of my horriblefrench/nervousness/natural awkwardness=!#@#everything, so here are some screencaps!

Fringe Cardigan which is a tamer version of Gareth Pugh's Fringe Cardigan.

This is a draped top I made for layering. I was inspired by Alexander Wang's Spring 2010 collection
and used Athletic Mesh instead of jersey. It adds an interesting volume and texture.
Here's how Steph wore it to Thanksgiving.

This is what i call my PARACHUTE cardigan, it has lapel like notches in front, mimicking the blazer reference, and then the back features intense draping. I experimented with different pattern shapes and ended up with this. It actually like "balloons" up when you walk, which is so so cool. oh man. The print's a little crazy but i like it because adds a bit of vibrancy to my wardrobe. I think i'll make a black one soon, for tamer days.

And Finally, this is my most recent project; a simple black jersey long-sleeve sweater. It has a lightly draped scoopneck, with oversized balloon sleeves, and the coolest feature is that it is short in front and then long and curved in the back. I needed something long and black to layer and so this is perfect solution; its simple yet the back adds that bit of interest...

Alright, that's it for now! :D Gotta start my essay now...


ComplexGeometries' Spring 2010 lookbook shot by Tommy Ton. More HERE
I should be writing my english paper, but im doing this so enjoy!


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