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comme des enfants

Things I brought back for myself from Paris:

left to right; marc jacobs bag, 3 marc tee's, uniqlo for pacman's 30th, marc backpack, VOGUE PARIS, September NUMERO, LOVE,
H&M's Christopher Kane knockoff, marc jacobs boxers, marc jacobs swimsuit, zara collarless dress shirt.


Giuliano Fujiwara

Giuliano Fujiwara Spring/Summer 2010 Trainers; i die.
Does anyone know where i can buy these?

more here


School has really been kicking my ass but it's all okay, because i got a job at URBAN OUTFITTERS! yay! I started training today, and it wasnt too bad, i got scolded at though, is that okay? hmmm. anyways im really looking forward to getting some new clothes. I got rid of everything and am left with like 20 items. major fail.

ahh so im so excited about this skirt! it's made out of this fabric that looks like china teacups, which i find so cute and delicate. if only we went to tea here, thatd be perfect. It has a zipper closure in the back, which is special because usually my skirts are just tied at the back (easier for fit and for me) but my new sewing machine has a zipper foot, so i made use of it. ah well going to sleep now! :)



Paris was amazing! I got to touch some LANVIN, got to see the chanel ateliers, had an adventure at vuitton, ate some macaroons, visited a marc jacobs store (one too many times), visited all the sites & museums possible, spent way too much but it was all worth it and i wish i was back! It sucks because the next day, I started school, it was almost impossible to wake up and then to try to adjust to the time difference, im so tired like all the time. AHH. but yeah, school is school and i dont know if i can handle it anymore. ive got to get a grip. save me!



Im back home and it feels great! Expect a PARIS post soon :)


Im in PARIS so no new posts lately. Some of my dreams are coming true here, ive finally coming face to face, had contact with the amazing PS1. It was at colette and it was python and huge and beautiful. There were 5 of them. ahhhhhh; one day one day...

I come home sunday and then i start school the next day. Major fail.
My summer is basically over. :( i could use a few more months, k thanks.


ahhh. saving up to buy that sweater.




Bless has collaborated with OXBOW to recreate some of their classic looks. I dont know much about OXBOW but ive always loved whatever Bless puts out. This collection with OXBOW is so cool; one of the sweaters features a super cool 3d effect! The sweater when viewed with 3d glasses will create a 3d image. How cool is that??

view more here



Girls have all the luck. This new collaboration between my favorite design team RODARTE and target is really blowing my mind. SO unexpected. Though i am a bit scared; how do you translate that amazingness into 50 dollars clothes? impossible i say, but if anyone can do it, its them! AH I cant wait and even though its a womenswear colleciton, im going to pick up something... anything. OH man so excited!

Designing sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy will be bringing their ethereal sensibility to a wider world when Target introduces Rodarte in December as part of its Go International series of limited collections.

The 55-piece Rodarte line for Go International will launch at most Target stores nationwide and on target.com on Dec. 20, and will be available through Feb. 6. While it may be hard to imagine translating Rodarte’s hand-wrought designs for the mass market, Target claims to have stayed true to the spirit of the luxury-priced label.



For OSHEAGA, Annie borrowed my white shredded tee and from then on we`ve been on a shredding craze, well steph mostly. I made one for annie and steph`s working on her own. I finished annie`s in two days which has resulted in my figertips cramping every 2 seconds but it was so worth it. The lucky b is going to LOLAPOOLZA(sp?) and so she needed some elixe to sport. We decided to bleach/tye dye it, i thought it was going to turn out white, but then it turned this rusty brown color which looks amazing! It reminds me of Rodarte`s marble painted leather jackets(sigh). anyways we used black hanes tees (2 for 12) and then i shredded 3 varying sized panels in the back and cut out a v neck but its a big so it works as an overthe shoulder thing too. OH and i finally got my sewing machine to work! :D more pictures soon! :)



sorry for the huge slowdown of posts; i got a job at the bank and its was crazy and demanding. I had to work a minimum of 9 hours a day for five days a week! But now its all over, so things should go back to normal... In other news im leaving for PARIS on saturday!! :D