For OSHEAGA, Annie borrowed my white shredded tee and from then on we`ve been on a shredding craze, well steph mostly. I made one for annie and steph`s working on her own. I finished annie`s in two days which has resulted in my figertips cramping every 2 seconds but it was so worth it. The lucky b is going to LOLAPOOLZA(sp?) and so she needed some elixe to sport. We decided to bleach/tye dye it, i thought it was going to turn out white, but then it turned this rusty brown color which looks amazing! It reminds me of Rodarte`s marble painted leather jackets(sigh). anyways we used black hanes tees (2 for 12) and then i shredded 3 varying sized panels in the back and cut out a v neck but its a big so it works as an overthe shoulder thing too. OH and i finally got my sewing machine to work! :D more pictures soon! :)

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