School has really been kicking my ass but it's all okay, because i got a job at URBAN OUTFITTERS! yay! I started training today, and it wasnt too bad, i got scolded at though, is that okay? hmmm. anyways im really looking forward to getting some new clothes. I got rid of everything and am left with like 20 items. major fail.

ahh so im so excited about this skirt! it's made out of this fabric that looks like china teacups, which i find so cute and delicate. if only we went to tea here, thatd be perfect. It has a zipper closure in the back, which is special because usually my skirts are just tied at the back (easier for fit and for me) but my new sewing machine has a zipper foot, so i made use of it. ah well going to sleep now! :)

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