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Every season, acclaimed Montreal stylist, Azamit, hosts an event called "Stylist's Own"; which draws similarities to the POP UP SHOPS, (which are more popular for our neighbours overseas). Through her (amazing) job, Azamit, gets to access to these sought-after and unattainable pieces by canadian and foreign designers alike, she then chooses her favourites, and puts it all on display for Montreal's Finest to come by and shop. The name "Stylist's Own" is a reference to magazine editorial credits, which often shoot pieces which are a 'stylist's own', these are usually interesting/quirky/fun items which cannot be purchased. Through Stylist's Own, Azamit is making inaccessible items, accessible.

I went with Samia on Sunday to check out the third edition, which this season, was held at Suco (a restaurant). Overall it was a very interesting experience; a lot better than last season's in term of the actual quality of the pieces offered. There was even some PROENZA SCHOULER (which i mistook for Herve Leger at first :/), Burberry, MIU MIU, and Prada. I was realllllly excited to see all these! Anyways, we got to meet the super friendly Emmanuel, who takes care of PR for Stylists Own and does a lot(seating) for MTL Fashion Week too. He was super kind enough to walk us around and show us the most interesting pieces.

I found out about Paul Graham(who doesn't have a website), supposedly he works for Clayton Evans [Complex Geometries] which is why you can easily see the similarities between both lines. They had a bunch of really wearable, and interesting pieces from Graham, but sadly nothing from complex geometries like they usually do (which i was really bummed out about). I LOVELOVELOVED that black t-shirt, it is just a regular fit in the front, but with a drapey panel at the back. With summer coming around, it's always hard to find interesting clothes, that are lightweight and summer appropriate and this t-shirt was perfect! In hindsight, i should of tried it on/bought it -_-

* i didnt get a clear picture of what i was wearing, but you can kind of see my RODARTE spring 2009 inspired SKELETON vest (in brown leatherlook) see RODARTE's here, clearer pictures of mine to come :)

There was also copious amounts of Denis Gagnon's Spring 2010 (which was HEAVILY inspired by Ann Demeulemeester's)
ANYWHO (see my post on Denis Gagon's Fall 2010 soon) ], who's pieces were not finished properly? The seams weren't finished inside the jacket/there was no lining, and the threads were unravelling. I was really surprised/shocked about this. BRAVO MONTREAL'S SUPPOSED 'STAR'...

There were also the ICONIC YSL tribute's in a beige patent, which were in short; amazing.

Saving the best for last; look 33 from Proenza Schouler's Spring/Summer 2007 [ worn by raquel zimmerman via style.com ]!
I was DYING. I had totally forgotten about Jack and Lazarro's foray into body-con dresses/skirts :/
Bandage Dresses will forever belong to Herve, and so thank god they stopped.
Overall, I had a fun time/experience with GOLDZMINE, though I was realllllly late for work after :S,
We got to meet some cool fashion people, and got to gawk over amazing pieces.
I can't wait for next season!

* pictures graciously from Samia, because my battery was dead -_-

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spring fling

I've been getting endless inspiration from Proenza Schouler's Spring 2010 collection;
so fun, youthful and yet refined. My tie dye adventures to come...