Forgot to post pictures from Osheaga weekend, honestly one of THE best weekends this summer. Such a great time not only because of the music, but more so because I got to spend time with the best people, wearing ridiculous (corresponding) outfits of course. seriously, all i want right now



I should've known people would have wanted instructions to go with a DIY post. I thought it was pretty straight-forward but anyways hopefully this helps you out. If you need anything or have any questions, don't be shy!  

What you Need: - Pleather -Tissue Paper -Measuring tape -Scissors -Pins -Sewing Machine
Step 1: Find any kind of pleather (or leather if you're lucky) you like .
You'll need it to measure 26" high, and 23" wide (this can vary depending on how roomy you want the bag to be).


I've been waiting to cover this because I was hoping higher quality pictures or lookbook pictures would turn up somewhere, but unfortunately they haven't. My seat was really not conducive to picture taking so I just gave up and took it all in. (Gladly So). I'll save my review for when the actual pictures come out so that you can follow along but here are some of the pictures I managed to take. Click through to see the little booklet we were given as we took our seats (in the pews!).

Here's a video I found of the finale:



I (like everyone else) was obsessed with Raf Simons' spring 2011 collection for JIL SANDER. I fell in love with this orange acetate market bag from the get go; such a simple idea. Unfortunately, they sold out on Net-a-Porter so quickly I couldn't get my hands on one. (so cheap too)

Then came the slew of knockoffs from other brands, and I couldn't justify buying any of them. None of them got the right "slouch" from the original. I figured I should just make myself one. I don't know why I hadn't thought to DIY this sooner, but anyways here it is. I used black pleather, because I couldn't get my hands on real leather. Definitely going to remake this.

I made a little video because the pictures just weren't doing it justice. That's a great mix of Destiny's Child's Emotions (lol) by E+E playing in the background in case you were wondering. DESTINE+E'S CHILD by E+E

I was going to post a step-by-step tutorial, but it was pretty straightforward. If anyone wants tips/the actual steps just let me know! I haven't had the time (do i ever) to take proper outfit pics, so here's a blurry shot from my phone of what I was wearing the other day (nothing special but you can see the bag in action). Totally into 90's grunge these days too, in case you hadn't noticed.




seriously, how much better can it get? Anna dello Russo dancing to Godga?


BY THOMAS // collection 03

I went to a special presentation of By Thomas' third collection tonight interestingly located on the steps of Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste.  In collaboration with Christian l'Enfant Roi (more on that later), both brands showed strong, clearly focused collections that Montreal should be proud to call their own. I got there a little late so all the models were already standing in formation in front of the church. Crowds were already forming to go inside to see Christian l'Enfant Roi, so I couldn't get shots of everything (bummer). I've spoken about my admiration for By Thomas already (here + here). Tonight solidified my belief in the brand as a whole.

I really enjoyed the wrap skirts/hems in this collection. The silk(?) was done so well, they just look so easy and effortless, which I know was no easy feat. One thing I wasn't a fan of was the print. It reminded me of a futuristic/abstract marble or something. I just thought it was a strange mix with the fluidity of the rest of the collection.

However, I did love the accessories. This is Thomas' first foray into handbags if i'm not mistaken; a great extension of her vision. I loved the raw feeling I was getting from the bags which gave a nice contrast to the femininity of the clothes. The green bag pictured was my favorite. It reminded of me Alexander Wang's Rococo but a lot less trendy and much more lust worthy in my opinion.

These two brands are really the most exciting thing happening in the Montreal fashion scene. Not only are the clothes well conceived and executed, but their choice of location also sets them apart. I thought it was great that they chose to show on their own, apart from the Montreal Fashion Week calendar, and somewhere other than the Marche Bonsecour runway. An unconventional location which hopefully will stimulate other brands here to start thinking more creatively about the way in which they showcase their clothes.