c-a-n-n-o-t w-a-i-t! I love RAD HOURANI so much and im so excited for the RAD line, its the same aesthetic only but using different materials like jersey; which i love because it makes his clothes so much more wearable and sellable. Rumour has it that it drops this week! :D:)!


Givenchy Spring 2010 Ads

amaaaaazing. Simon Nessman totally steals the show. Cant wait to get HQ images, if someone happens to find some, send it my way! :D



My latest obsession; montreal native Rad Hourani.



Alexander Wang PRE-FALL

Pre-fall collections are starting to pop up slowly, but the only post worthy one (so far) is Alexander Wang's collection. It features a more mature aesthetic and in a way, more work oriented clothes. All in shades of black and grey. I loved how he merged a cable knit with a finer knit in the first look, a bit reminiscent of his denim/leather jacket. The third look reminds me of this Complex Geometries piece. OH MY! The parka obsession continues; this one is ammmmazing, and it's in the most perfect shade of grey! And finally, how could you resist the dress with the cape? so cute! These were the only looks I liked, some of the other ones were a bit boring, or just plain ugly. WTF at these shoes. Normally, his collections leave me out of breath; from all the amazingness but this one was just lackluster. Hopefully he goes back to his downtown cool roots for fall!

ps. only TWO more days of school left!



This is Steph and I's tree for our little part of the house! Our topper is a bow I made inspired by the polka dot blouse (on the left) from Erin Wasson's collection. She used sequins instead of a polka dot print and so I used pearls as my sequins! I also made mini bows (last picture) so that the tree could fill up a bit haha. Our family tree is soo beautiful and large. oh man! im not sure if i'll post pictures though, but we did everthing today and im totally in the christmas spirit! :D


dance in the dark

Amazing shots of Tavi at the Rodarte Studio.