Frida Kahlo inspired editorial in Marie Claire Italia's March 2011 issue, featuring Emily Senko by Wendy Bevan.



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This season has been so boring, except for these three; Proenza, Rodarte and Jeremy Laing.
There has been so much coverage about the Proenza and Rodarte shows so i wont bore you further, even though they were AMAZING. (Navajo prints at Proenza and the Hemlines at Rodarte were my favorite).

Jeremy Laing's Fall 2011 is one of my favorites because you can distinctively see the progression he's gone though these past few seasons and i love that you can see him starting to form signatures for his line as well; like the dresses with the hems that turns into cape-like contraptions. amazing.
I love Laing's slouchy take on that downtown New York cool that Wang's had cornered for a few seasons now. The most refreshing things are the silhouette's he's formed; fresh and exciting. The collection as a whole has serious teen-whitchey vibes, tavi would be proud. I'm also a sucker for any print featuring anything spacey, i mean, how good are those moon crevice prints?

So proud to see a Canadian do so well on the international scene!



Special Valentines Day sappy lovey dubey post, featuring my favorite wedding ever. This video never fails to bring up such weird emotions, if you know me, you'll know that weddings are a big deal for me. I mean, that's what I spend my summers doing, but this is just beyond. The whole thing was just perfect; the location (chateau in France), the DRESS, the personalized vows, the flowers, the small guest list, the intimacy, every little detail was just perfect and so well thought out and I love how unpretentious coco is, you can really tell James and Coco really love each other so much.

(have kleenex prepared)

Coco + James // Short film from Americana Cinema on Vimeo.

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ALEXANDER WANG spring 2010 purchase

When i went to New York two weekends ago(miss it so much already!), I made a huge splurge at barneys that subsequently has me in a little debt right now... I bought the jacket in look 12 from Alexander Wang's spring 2010 collection. Arguably his best one and my personal favorite of his. I love love love the back part of this jacket the most, the long tail in the denim is so unexpected.

Check it out on the runway: (fast forward to 3:05)

Here's an ugly picture of me in it:
(They obviously made the sleeves more wearable for retail, which i sort of wish they hadn't)

I cannot wait till it gets cooler out so that i can actually wear it.