ALEXANDER WANG spring 2010 purchase

When i went to New York two weekends ago(miss it so much already!), I made a huge splurge at barneys that subsequently has me in a little debt right now... I bought the jacket in look 12 from Alexander Wang's spring 2010 collection. Arguably his best one and my personal favorite of his. I love love love the back part of this jacket the most, the long tail in the denim is so unexpected.

Check it out on the runway: (fast forward to 3:05)

Here's an ugly picture of me in it:
(They obviously made the sleeves more wearable for retail, which i sort of wish they hadn't)

I cannot wait till it gets cooler out so that i can actually wear it.


  1. omg AMAZIN. Worth the plunge, I like it a lot.
    Did you buy the matching grey breifs?


  2. ~~~fabulous~~~* cant wait for you to wear this ALL AROUND TOWN (skipping obviously)

  3. OMG YESSSSS!!! so jealzz!!:D u look amazing tho!!