It's my birthday!!
Im turning eighteen today, and honestly these last 17 years have been amazing; ive got to travel the world (< westside), ive been given everything i could have asked for, i have the bestest friends, amazing family and more i cant think about right now. (too sleepy) but all these things have really shaped me into someone im really proud of.
I work hard, i spend alot, i enjoy my life and i dont think i could ask for anymore.


cruel intentions


Look familiar? well yes, i make the SAME skirts!?! This is Daniella from bravotv's The Fashion Show (pr knockoff), when i was watching the finale i was totally surprised to see her wearing something that looked 90% similar to mine! ah rip off....
haha view mine here and here or here. Joanna's is a little deflated though, probably from the suitcase :S ahah anyways im just kidding, she obviously didnt copy me... but no really, they do look pretty similiar...

note; sorry for the lack of posts lately, I got a job at the bank and so i work 24/7 and im usually too tired to post but i'll be done on the 31st! hurrahh! see you then!



Man about town



Without a doubt this is pure amazing. I love Riccardo Tisci's work with Givenchy, and im always amazed by his use of studs; so luxurious yet modern. I also love the arm cuffs? whatever they are they're amazing!oh and there will be no post on Chanel Haute Couture which is usually one of my favorites but this season was just boring, personally i do not find the short/long silhouette exciting or flattering and everything else was just so blah. Lara's wedding dress was the only good thing. sorry Karl.




New coconut records music video ft. chloe sevigny.
i need to start filming more of my life.



AHHH! Couture shows have started! Im so excited! The couture shows are always my favorite because theyre so dramatic and extravagant! The first one up is Dior, and its pretty much classic John Galliano, but i do love the gowns. The extreme curvy/ruffle is so effective, ahh I wish i could make things of this calibur.



I made Ryleigh a fringe python print jersey scarf and I think he looks mighty fine. haha. Very exclusive, let me tell you...

I made Annie her very own tank tonight, but its super different! It started as a halter but I decided to make it more of a tank, it has lots of draping in the back and is more flowey in the front, and theres a braid detail that i had to sew on. I'm dying without my sewing machine, like seriously, I might cry soon. ive been making the crappiest stuff lately because theres only so much i can sew by hand. I also really need new clothes for PARIS! Im going with Steph from august 8th-23rd! I'm really cutting it close cause i start school the 24th, and im going to be sooooo sooo jetlagged but wtv. I cant wait to just walk along the streets of Paris, and eat crossants and ahhh so many things i want to do! cant wait!!


Next big thing; Charles Guislain.



s o e x c i t e d!

ps. Duffster on Gossip Girl? WTF. kinda amazing, kinda scary. Hope she does well...


there will be tears


I'm so excited for Roldofo Paglialunga at Vionnet. I've always loved her amazing use of draping and so im exicted we'll be seeing more of that. These looks are so contemporary yet classic Vionnet, and I love how he managed to keep every look so Parisian.