I made Ryleigh a fringe python print jersey scarf and I think he looks mighty fine. haha. Very exclusive, let me tell you...

I made Annie her very own tank tonight, but its super different! It started as a halter but I decided to make it more of a tank, it has lots of draping in the back and is more flowey in the front, and theres a braid detail that i had to sew on. I'm dying without my sewing machine, like seriously, I might cry soon. ive been making the crappiest stuff lately because theres only so much i can sew by hand. I also really need new clothes for PARIS! Im going with Steph from august 8th-23rd! I'm really cutting it close cause i start school the 24th, and im going to be sooooo sooo jetlagged but wtv. I cant wait to just walk along the streets of Paris, and eat crossants and ahhh so many things i want to do! cant wait!!

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