How cool are these chewing gum sculptures?



Givenchy 2010. pure amazingness. Givenchy has again cemented itself as one of my favorite design houses. This collection is so luxurious yet with such a downtown cool element; the harem pants, the dropcrotch pants, the sneakers, the graphic designs. I love it all.



i got a TUMBLR, well ive had one for a while, but i finally got around to adding content. I'll be posting everything i save onto my computer; i have an inspiration folder on my computer and i choose pictures from there to post here from time to time but i'll be posting every picture as i save it onto my tumblr. So if you go down two posts (including this one), those are pictures that i took of myself (:P)lame. haha
anyways i made the jacket for this photoshoot steph's friend Sam is styling for. We're pulling a whole bunch of looks for the shoot, im super excited and ive seen some of the photographer's work and its pretty amazing. More on that later... I actually made the jacket a long time ago! It was just for fun, and i used my curtains. How sound of music of me right? anyways it fits really nicely and looks like a blazer, but i cant wear it because it's like buffalo check. haha On tuesday night, i was feeling really inspired and i have no idea how i came up with the idea to cut out strips and do the basket weave. so random. anyways i was going to basket weave the whole thing, but that ended taking too long, so i only did the top of the back and left the strips to fall down. It's soooooo cool now! like just jumping around and stuff feels so much more fun with it because the strips move around with you! I really hope it makes for some cool pictures.
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Love Long Distance

Im a huge fan of marcjacobs as a menswear designer but sometimes the majority of the things for women are questionable, safe louis vuitton. I personally think his strong suit is in designing bags; his bags are to die for. so beautiful. ugh hello? the stam? I really love this new resort collection too, it's so me! lol. i'd die to wear any of these outfits. so quirky!

Has anyone listened to the new Gossip cd yet? It's SOOO good. Heavy cross is my favorite so far... listen to the whole cd here!!!



so awesome.

ps. RACHEL ZOE PROJECT 2 premieres August 25th!! :D


My latest obsession is this song. repeat repeat repeat.



Sorry for the slowdown of posts lately, my sewing machine's still broken so I couldnt sew at all but tonight I just felt really inspired and so I hand sewed. First I started out making this red fishnet sweater out of red yarn I found, but it ended up taking too long. So I just took it off, and voila! it made this sick necklace. I paired it with a triblend grey tee and the red really pops out; cant wait to wear it.
Then I made steph this Alexander Wang tank. It's half tank/half tee. I made the bottom a-symetrical too. It looks really really cool. I couldnt take any pictures because you cant see anything on my dress form. Finally I made this grey cowl neck shirt. It's reallllly reallly sick. It isnt exactly a cowl neck, but i dont know what else to call it. hahaa You just have to pick up the little piece in the front, then let it drop and it makes a new shape. You can also add a little belt to make it a cute summer dress.. but i made it for me lol. I have no summer clothes, ugh, need money asap. oh and a job would be nice. k, thanks.


Chi Zhang

I just found this designer named Chi Zhang and her fall/winter 09 collection is amazing. So fantastical and yet so dark. It sort of reminds me of Gareth Pugh's first menswear collection but a little more whimsical and less Edward Scissorhands. My favorite piece has got to be that last jacket. amazing much?



Before I die, I NEED to own a missoni print sweater. must must must.



I LOVE Christopher Bailey at Burberry. This collection is amazing. There are so many interesting aspects about the whole collection. I mean, those winter jackets are AMAZZING. So is that light blue trench and i cant even being to talk about the shirts with the belts? BANANAS amazing.