Summer school has really been kicking my ass lately, and its only the second day. Can you believe I already have an essay due this Monday? ahhhhh. Anyways today my teacher let us out early (hurrah!) and so I went to buy some fabric paint, and stopped by fabricville to check some stuff out. I ended up not having to renew my card( she didn't notice! ha) and i just got some cool black and purple poplin. Ive really been inspired by exo-skeletons lately and i'm working on a series of t-shirts (not done yet, more on them later) I then decided to start making Alex's next outfit for the next VISTA show. The black thing is what i ended up with. I love how it looks like a exterior shell/protection/skeleton. It looks realllly realllly cool live. I'm not sure whether to put it on the front(first picture) or back yet though. I was also thinking front and back(make another panel) but i think it'd just be too much. haha Oh well... but all this was before my machine screwed up, it now makes a clicky sound whenever i push the pedal... anyone know what that's about?
Just what i needed, i mean it just started working again! I'll bring it to the sewing store place tomorrow to get it fixed, hopefully it wont cost too much. Oh and the black tank is just this tank but i used some silver fabric paint, there's also a collar/necklace design in the back too! The other shirt is quite self explanatory, I've always wanted a peace sign shirt, so voila and I really love the whole paint smudgy vibe of it.


  1. Love the shirts.
    How does one wash clothes with fabric paint? Like are there special care instructions?

    Love your blog. :)

  2. thank you so much!
    its actually really easy, you just have to iron it for 5 minutes after the paint dries, then the paint is resitant to washing at 40degrees!