i got a TUMBLR, well ive had one for a while, but i finally got around to adding content. I'll be posting everything i save onto my computer; i have an inspiration folder on my computer and i choose pictures from there to post here from time to time but i'll be posting every picture as i save it onto my tumblr. So if you go down two posts (including this one), those are pictures that i took of myself (:P)lame. haha
anyways i made the jacket for this photoshoot steph's friend Sam is styling for. We're pulling a whole bunch of looks for the shoot, im super excited and ive seen some of the photographer's work and its pretty amazing. More on that later... I actually made the jacket a long time ago! It was just for fun, and i used my curtains. How sound of music of me right? anyways it fits really nicely and looks like a blazer, but i cant wear it because it's like buffalo check. haha On tuesday night, i was feeling really inspired and i have no idea how i came up with the idea to cut out strips and do the basket weave. so random. anyways i was going to basket weave the whole thing, but that ended taking too long, so i only did the top of the back and left the strips to fall down. It's soooooo cool now! like just jumping around and stuff feels so much more fun with it because the strips move around with you! I really hope it makes for some cool pictures.
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  1. Dude, You've got a terrible blog, keep it up ;D

  2. hey, nicoo, I'm so sorry for that slang problems.
    I tried to mean, it is so good, specially the pictures you post.
    If youre sometime in barcelona, tell me that ;D