Sorry for the slowdown of posts lately, my sewing machine's still broken so I couldnt sew at all but tonight I just felt really inspired and so I hand sewed. First I started out making this red fishnet sweater out of red yarn I found, but it ended up taking too long. So I just took it off, and voila! it made this sick necklace. I paired it with a triblend grey tee and the red really pops out; cant wait to wear it.
Then I made steph this Alexander Wang tank. It's half tank/half tee. I made the bottom a-symetrical too. It looks really really cool. I couldnt take any pictures because you cant see anything on my dress form. Finally I made this grey cowl neck shirt. It's reallllly reallly sick. It isnt exactly a cowl neck, but i dont know what else to call it. hahaa You just have to pick up the little piece in the front, then let it drop and it makes a new shape. You can also add a little belt to make it a cute summer dress.. but i made it for me lol. I have no summer clothes, ugh, need money asap. oh and a job would be nice. k, thanks.


  1. :O @ yuo making the a. wang tank....... WANT TO SEE. WANT TO SEE.

  2. http://fierconistas.blogspot.com/2009/06/tank-tee.html