My Dates; 2/3 of the FIERCONISTAS.



Fashion Week Prep

Fashion week starts tomorrow, and so tonight I pulled a whole bunch of possible looks to wear.
Somehow it became a bunch of beige, white, black and green pieces. I'll try to take shots of my outfit each day, i promise!

I've been really excited about this trench DIY.
I've always lusted over the Junya Watanabe/Comme des Garcons blacket coats but those are obviously unattainable and so I thrifted a trench and finally decided to make my own version.

Started out like this: (excuse my lame dancing)

and voila! As i was pinning it, i love how dramatic and crazy it looked with the brown plaid being so long(left), but it just wasn't practical and so I cut it. Now it's at the length of the picture on the right. Words cannot describe my excitement to wear it!! Now if only I had cotton candy hair or those toe shoes to match...



nyfw favorites: Marc Jacobs, Imitation, Altuzarra, RAD by RAD HOURANI,
Proenza Schouler, ERDEM, Michael Angel, Alexander Wang, Marchesa, Thakoon.

My favorite favorites that deserve their own collages:

Loved the whole collection. As I was watching the livestream, I literally gasped as each look came out.
Perfectly on trend for spring (light, white, bright colors). Loved the statement dresses the most; with the attached flowing scarf/train. The color blocking and bandeau's were also so perfect done; it was just all so drool worthy. Definitely one to watch.


The Mulleavy sisters NEVER and I mean NEVER disappoint. This collection is such a random mismatch of amazingness
and yet it works so well because of the signature RODARTE stamp. Wood Panels/Prints? China? Return of the car-wash skirt? Golden tones?
Perfect. I just kept on thinking wood nymph. Too much to handle, all I want to do is stare.

all pictures from style.com



screenshots taken from milkmade

JOSEPH ALTUZARRA SPRING 2011 : Excellent hair with paint patches, large white cargo pants(like wang), new-age tribal,
balenciaga-ish, excellent snake print details, super sexy, cone boobs, electric-colored details, the white fabric has a bit too much sheen, amazing rope belts and bracelets, lust worthy snakeskin jacket, dangerously low cut, interesting hemlines, navy not black, futuristic, amazing jersey/snakeskin finale dresses. Gowns are really Altuzarra's strong point.

Trend spotting: sheer + white white white.

Altuzarra's show was spectacular, you can really see Alexander Wang's influence on him in this collection
(the attention to the back, the slicked back hair, the tailoring, some of the shapes). Fun Fact: Did you know Alexander Wang and Joseph
Altuzarra are designer bff's? They always have their show on the same day, usually only a mere hours apart (today 3hrs) and they always make sure to be at each others show!


screenshots taken from milkmade

ALEXANDER WANG SPRING 2011 : Ethereal monochromatic white looks,
light, draped, rusty nudes, dusty rose, mint(!!!), bronze + silver appliques, amazing jackets, knits, shoes, actually cool fanny pack, overall-cross detailed backs.  looooveeeee. The first look, a pair of layered white overalls were so delicately made and detailed you couldn't even tell they were overalls. Sky high pumps with chunky square heels, some possibly Timbaland inspired. Loving the Tone-on-tone styling.

Wasn't a big fan of the shiny white fabrics, the weird flower prints, the nightgown-y dresses, or the hair and makeup (like last season)

The essence was just pure spring, possibly reincarnation themed; pure, fresh, neutral, clean. We can definitely see his vision progressing.
A lot more futuristic than what he usually does but still his singular vision.
To say that this was an awesome collection, well that would be putting it mildly.

p.s. i see you terence koh!



pictures from the fashion spot

Kane on his new menswear collection;
"I decided to launch menswear so I could wear my own designs, my friends were
forever asking me to do t-shirts off the back of the womenswear show themes, so my first shot at it was with the monkey tees;they were so popular I decided to keep it going. So each season we sell men's tees alongside the mainline collection.
I find it difficult to find staples that I love, so I guess I am launching this so I can have a decent wardrobe!

 The inspirations differ every time, but usually taking the lead from the womenswear.

I can't fully express how excited I am for this. To me, Christopher Kane is the epitome of obviousness. Many people always say how obvious his collections are; like put some crazy gorilla print all over some tee shirt and voila! Though yes it is simple and obvious, no one has done it or at least the way he has. Classic shapes but with amazing prints. Menswear was an obvious next step and i'm surprise it took him so long. There have been many male fans who have worn his tees from the womenswear collections, for example my favorite Andrew Mukamal wearing the gorilla print tee that first drew me in to the Kane world.

My favorite pieces are the printed cardigans,and the leather shorts(that don't look uncomfortably hot).
I cant wait to see the rest!
and if you're reading this Chris, feel free to send everything my way.