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On Monday, I went to the Marie Saint Pierre Spring/Summer 2011 presentation, which was located at her actual office. This was a nice change though completely randomly located and was SUPER hard to get to. Maybe that's just because i am inept at public transportation, but regardless. So after I checked in, I was greeted with a large crowd of fabulous people 'socializing'. The room was small and tight, photographers everywhere, people everywhere. As I made my way to the wall where pictures of the Spring/Summer collection were taped, I wondered where all the other pieces where. There were literally only about 10 on display. I was really disappointed about this because Marie Saint Pierre is always my favorite at Montreal Fashion week and i was just sad that i wasn't able to see more of the collection live. Another aspect that bothered me was that the clothes were just displayed on hangers and not models. If you remember from last season, or are familiar with Marie Saint Pierre's work then you know Marie Saint Pierre is known for her interesting and innovative shapes and without a model to fill out the dress, all those design details are lost. Regardless of these things, the new collection seems really interesting (from the pictures); I didn't like the looks that combined the felt petals with the sheer fabric. I thought the felt was a little too heavy and the sheer to whimsical and it didn't mesh together well. The collections featured lots of petal work, red, white, beige, black color scheme, lots of jersey obviously, elaborate shoulder pieces, and drop waists.

I fell in love with this white dress; so intricate and elaborate.
Beautifully cut, streamlined, refined, glamorous.
Just perfectly done. Not too fussy.

As I was leaving, one of the PR girls offered me (and everyone else :P) a tour of the manufacturing side of the office! I was so excited! First we were brought to the sewing room where they make EVERYTHING; people were actually working as we visited them! Afterwards we were brought to the cutting room were all these bolts of fabric were = heaven.

Here's a picture of the lady herself, Marie Saint Pierre being interviewed by ET Canada;

I didnt want to wait in line to interview her, so i just caught snippets from other interviews;

"Toning it down, Keeping it simple. It almost becomes harder to do"
-Marie Saint Pierre.

An apparent contrast to her last collection which featured lots of adornment

Overall, I really appreciated the tour of the manufacturing section, it was so cool to see the more intimate side of the whole Marie Saint Pierre brand and one that not many people get to see. I also got to see the Fall/Winter stuff because it was just laid out in on racks to be fondled and boy did I. I loved this collection so much. S conceptual, yet still so wearable. It was awesome being able to see that white coat up close. Though the S/S11 collection/presentation weren't my cup of tea, I am still an avid fan of Marie Saint Pierre and I hope next season she goes back to the typical runway or adopts a model inclusive presentation style.

OH and i spotted this gem, while everyone just walked by it like it was nothing:


Eve Gravel showed off site as well this season, in the middle of a cute little restaurant(that was still operating as the fashion show went on). Where to start, There were only 5 models, and they would come out with their respective looks, each walk, then go back and change. What did we do while they changed? waited. This was so unorganized and such a waste of time. In all there were 15 looks( ->2 waiting periods for the models to change). Overall, it was very cute. A lot better than last season, which i felt was so uninspired. My problem with Eve Gravel is that her stuff always comes off too simple, things anyone could find from a quick visit to Urban, H&M or Topshop. Nothing too unique or special which would merit a full on runway show. My proof? I actually OWN this exact same top from Urban but in black. Make of this what you will. Thankfully, this season it improved; There were still some looks that were uninspiring/fast fashion reminicient but i definitely see growth. There were 3 different "genres"; bright and graphic, sailor and military. Though a pure gimmick, I really thought it elevated her show. The clothes had a direction and I could really see girls everywhere wanting to wear her clothes because in the end, she makes cute clothes girls want to wear. Is it innovative, or inspiring? no, but it sells (and this is Montreal after all).

Now time for a little personal update; On Monday, I had planned to wear this awesome bubble coat but when i woke up it was super bright and sunny and so it squashed my plans. I ended up wearing some normal outfit. So no pictures of that. Obviously with my luck, it ended up being raining that day which would have been perfect for my coat. I hate this apocalypse weather. In other news, I didn't go to any shows today nor will i be going to any tomorrow. There's nothing that really interests me/i feel like covering and so i'm not going to do the rookie mistake of going to every single show. Thursday is going to be soo so so good though. I am so excited. Ying Gao, the genius behind this:

will be giving a conference and then my second most anticipated show; Ezra Constantine! Honestly I have never been so excited for a Montreal Fashion week show.
Anyways, until next time!

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