screenshots taken from milkmade

JOSEPH ALTUZARRA SPRING 2011 : Excellent hair with paint patches, large white cargo pants(like wang), new-age tribal,
balenciaga-ish, excellent snake print details, super sexy, cone boobs, electric-colored details, the white fabric has a bit too much sheen, amazing rope belts and bracelets, lust worthy snakeskin jacket, dangerously low cut, interesting hemlines, navy not black, futuristic, amazing jersey/snakeskin finale dresses. Gowns are really Altuzarra's strong point.

Trend spotting: sheer + white white white.

Altuzarra's show was spectacular, you can really see Alexander Wang's influence on him in this collection
(the attention to the back, the slicked back hair, the tailoring, some of the shapes). Fun Fact: Did you know Alexander Wang and Joseph
Altuzarra are designer bff's? They always have their show on the same day, usually only a mere hours apart (today 3hrs) and they always make sure to be at each others show!

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