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I'm in love with Pleasure Principle's new lookbook, so many interesting pieces and silhouettes. This is my favourite look; i love the cut out effect. Perfect for summer. Well for me, because i dont like to only wear t-shirts. I made mine out of jersey; Soft and breathable. The cut out gives it a nice interesting detail. and the sweater can be pulled both ways so there's cutouts on both sides! SO EXCITED FOR SUMMER DRESSING. I usually hate summer dressing, (last year I wore a total of 0 shorts all summer, jeans all the way) HAHAH and as a result almost died from heat exhaustion. No more of that this summer, im going to wear rolled up shorts!

so so so excited!

+ i bought myself some marc jacobs apple perfume!




So on the second day of Fashion Week, I went to see Dinh Ba, ENVERS, BODYBAG by jude, and Eve Gravel. The only one worth posting about was Eve Gravel, and even thats a bit of a stretch. (see below). Here's a quick recap of the other collections;

Dinh Ba; really dissapointed me this season, his last was so much better, this season he showed "rock and roll" influenced looks, which were predominantly "trashy" (not good) looking/ poor? I think it's really because of his fabric choices. See pictures here

ENVERS; showed a collection unfortunately heavily inspired by like Prince of Arabia? I couldnt even focus on how bad the looks were styled; there were these weird felt hats with feathers? and tons and tons of harem pants that were horrible too-bunchy in the crotch region. His parents/family were in the front row, with hats (from the collection) which was super cute though

BODYBAG, i dont even want to start; they had this weird lesbian theme going on for the runway, which did NOT go well. The models were so awkward, which made it awkward for us, which distracted from the clothes. They then decided to have a McQueen tribute? (yeah uh, great idea) whats great about 'tributes' is that they NEVER NEVER work. You just end up making a fool of yourself and disgrace the name of the person you're trying to give tribute to. oh and mabye next time try not to blatantly rip off the designer you're trying to give tribute to? CLICK HERE FOR MCQUEEN SPRING 2008 and then BODYBAG(click the last picture)


Eve Gravel delivered a "cute" collection, overall uninspiring/ not exaclty groundbreaking. The label showed cute wearable looks, that were too reminiscent of party dresses that H&M, Urban or TOPSHOP would offer. Though the dresses were really cute and of course any girl would want to wear them, the clothes werent special enough to be show on the runway; no wow factor? the only semblance of showmanship would be the cute cat ears or berets some models wore


TAVI x MIU MIU spring 2010

pictures from tavi's blog

TAVI ( aka. LUCKIEST KID IN THE WORLD) got to borrow pieces from the AMAZING miumiu spring collection (BEST COLLECTION), you know, just to take pics for the blog and tumblr? hmmm miumiu, you can send one of those collars my way too, fyi.

Rodarte x Maggie Cheung

beautiful and stoic.




So inspirational, i wish i could of seen this/the dresses with my own eyes.



AHHH! SO the CFDA nominations are out! Supposedly this year, bloggers were part of the nomination process and so i thought why not give my very own predictions? The CFDA's are on June 6th! Hopefully i'm right! Italicized are my pick for the prize

Womenswear Designer of the Year
Marc Jacobs
Donna Karan
Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang, though relatively up-and-coming, has skyrocketed these past few years. Did you know he started out like 4 years ago in his apartment sewing his collection with his brother and sister? He's sure come a long way! I really hope Marc doesnt win, because his collections have been very lack-luster this year. He's reached a point of plateau where he can show anything and it will be 'loved" by everyone. So i feel as though he's resting. Alexander Wang deserves this.

Menswear Designer of the Year
Michael Bastian
Tom Ford
David Neville & Marcus Wainwright for Rag & Bone

Neville and Wainwright have created a progressive signature look thats all they're own; it's half rock and roll but still clean and tailored(beautifully). With every collection, they push the boundaries for menswear but in acceptable and sellable ways.

Accessory Designer of the Year
Alexis Bittar
Lazaro Hernandez & Jack McCollough for Proenza Schouler
Marc Jacobs

UGH OBVIOUSLY. the winner is clear! How could the people who brought the PS1 to life not win?
I'll let the accessories talk for themselves:

Swarovski Award for Womenswear
Joseph Altuzarra
Prabal Gurung
Jason Wu

Altuzarra is deserving of this award because he shows so much potential; he pushes the boundries and offers collections that are unexpected and fresh. Jason Wu, and Prabal Gurung have recently been in spotlight simply because they make pretty "red-carpet" dresses, but at the end of the day, the Swarovski Award is for up and coming designers, we should support designers who have a true and unique vision; Joseph Altuzarra. BTW did you notice the recent trend with "IT" asian designers? Everyone in the category is asian HAHAHA

Swarovski Award for Menswear
Richard Chai
Patrik Ervell
Simon Spurr

RIchard Chai offers a collection that has a mix of america sportswear yet European refinement. He offers interesting silhouettes and color stories. He is exciting and that is why I think he should win. Menswear can be pretty safe and basically boring, and so its exciting to see more experimental fashion.

Swarovski Award for Accessory Design
Eddie Borgo
Dana Lorenz
Alexander Wang
DUH. this is the man who introduced the most lust worthy bags (COCCO DUFFEL, BRENDA, THOSE BACKPACKS!) and SHOES! (the Frankie creepers, the new americana sandals) His accessories are always sure to be of-the-moment pieces.

that is all.





my favorite painting ever; Édouard Manet's LE DÉJEUNER SUR L’HERBE



(nvm, dividing my fashion week posts by day)

I was lucky enough to attend Montreal Fashion Week here from March 1st-4th, it was tons of fun hanging out with the fierconistas, goldzmine and many others; running around finding "our" seats, eating cake, 'getting' fun swag bags, meeting crazays, spotting louboutins, and other lust worth shoes, making fun of ugly outfits, taking amazing CREST photos, straying from BOMBE.TV(which wasnt there), and most importantly, stalking GLENN BAXTER.

So I had the craziest time trying to balance school/midterms, work and the shows. It was seriously so hard, and im so surprised i got away with it. Id wake up at 6:30, school at 10, then a gym presentation, then gym, then finish school at 5:30 then run home to change/get ready, then off to the shows till like 11.

So I only went to two shows on monday;

The first show of the season for me was Montreal fashion veteran, Marie Saint Pierre, who has been gone from the Fashion Week scene for a few seasons. She showed a strong collection of mainly black, beige and cream looks; jersey, this weird crinkly fabric that has become her signature, and these jersey coils were predominant throughout. Overall, It was a strong show, possibly best/ tied with Denis Gagon for 'best' show of the week. What really striked me about her collection was the proportions; they were so spot on. Proportions are really a point where other MTL designers need to work on. She nailed it and the tailoring of her pieces were really sucessful too. Above are my favourite pieces, the white jacket to the right was SO well done; perfectly proportioned and well tailored. WANT. so bad! but its a little too reminiscent of Givenchy :S.
My only criticism was that it felt too much a like a rookie/recent grad from like Central Saint Martins or something's collection, rather than a seasoned veteran's, which is what Marie Saint Pierre is.


Helmer showed a collection of mainly patchwork looks, his show doubled as a fundraiser benefitting his homeland, Haiti. Though it was a very thoughtful and amazing idea/cause, the looks were overworked, the colours were really strangely put together and overall it was a very repetitive collection with a few random chiffon looks thrown in. This was really disappointing, seeing as though last season's show was so theatrical and elaborate. The only looks i did like was this super interesting cape? thing.



my cousin!



The monochomatic grey looks are spectacular


MTL fashion week reviews, and updates to come next week!
It's my last week before spring break so i'm swamped with hmk and tests.
im currently studying for two tests which are one after the other tomorrow, but it isnt so bad; lagerdeld confidential is keeping me company