So on the second day of Fashion Week, I went to see Dinh Ba, ENVERS, BODYBAG by jude, and Eve Gravel. The only one worth posting about was Eve Gravel, and even thats a bit of a stretch. (see below). Here's a quick recap of the other collections;

Dinh Ba; really dissapointed me this season, his last was so much better, this season he showed "rock and roll" influenced looks, which were predominantly "trashy" (not good) looking/ poor? I think it's really because of his fabric choices. See pictures here

ENVERS; showed a collection unfortunately heavily inspired by like Prince of Arabia? I couldnt even focus on how bad the looks were styled; there were these weird felt hats with feathers? and tons and tons of harem pants that were horrible too-bunchy in the crotch region. His parents/family were in the front row, with hats (from the collection) which was super cute though

BODYBAG, i dont even want to start; they had this weird lesbian theme going on for the runway, which did NOT go well. The models were so awkward, which made it awkward for us, which distracted from the clothes. They then decided to have a McQueen tribute? (yeah uh, great idea) whats great about 'tributes' is that they NEVER NEVER work. You just end up making a fool of yourself and disgrace the name of the person you're trying to give tribute to. oh and mabye next time try not to blatantly rip off the designer you're trying to give tribute to? CLICK HERE FOR MCQUEEN SPRING 2008 and then BODYBAG(click the last picture)


Eve Gravel delivered a "cute" collection, overall uninspiring/ not exaclty groundbreaking. The label showed cute wearable looks, that were too reminiscent of party dresses that H&M, Urban or TOPSHOP would offer. Though the dresses were really cute and of course any girl would want to wear them, the clothes werent special enough to be show on the runway; no wow factor? the only semblance of showmanship would be the cute cat ears or berets some models wore

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