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I was lucky enough to attend Montreal Fashion Week here from March 1st-4th, it was tons of fun hanging out with the fierconistas, goldzmine and many others; running around finding "our" seats, eating cake, 'getting' fun swag bags, meeting crazays, spotting louboutins, and other lust worth shoes, making fun of ugly outfits, taking amazing CREST photos, straying from BOMBE.TV(which wasnt there), and most importantly, stalking GLENN BAXTER.

So I had the craziest time trying to balance school/midterms, work and the shows. It was seriously so hard, and im so surprised i got away with it. Id wake up at 6:30, school at 10, then a gym presentation, then gym, then finish school at 5:30 then run home to change/get ready, then off to the shows till like 11.

So I only went to two shows on monday;

The first show of the season for me was Montreal fashion veteran, Marie Saint Pierre, who has been gone from the Fashion Week scene for a few seasons. She showed a strong collection of mainly black, beige and cream looks; jersey, this weird crinkly fabric that has become her signature, and these jersey coils were predominant throughout. Overall, It was a strong show, possibly best/ tied with Denis Gagon for 'best' show of the week. What really striked me about her collection was the proportions; they were so spot on. Proportions are really a point where other MTL designers need to work on. She nailed it and the tailoring of her pieces were really sucessful too. Above are my favourite pieces, the white jacket to the right was SO well done; perfectly proportioned and well tailored. WANT. so bad! but its a little too reminiscent of Givenchy :S.
My only criticism was that it felt too much a like a rookie/recent grad from like Central Saint Martins or something's collection, rather than a seasoned veteran's, which is what Marie Saint Pierre is.


Helmer showed a collection of mainly patchwork looks, his show doubled as a fundraiser benefitting his homeland, Haiti. Though it was a very thoughtful and amazing idea/cause, the looks were overworked, the colours were really strangely put together and overall it was a very repetitive collection with a few random chiffon looks thrown in. This was really disappointing, seeing as though last season's show was so theatrical and elaborate. The only looks i did like was this super interesting cape? thing.


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