Tribes of Westwood

Beautiful babies on a beautiful day



Model: Jonathan Marquez
Photographer: Willy Vanderperre
Stying: Panos Yiapanis

OBSESSED with this editorial from the new Vogue Hommes International spring issue. If you read my blog, you'll know that i've always been a huge fan of Panos. His work is always the epitome of perfection, i never understand how no on knows him. In a way it's good cause only a select few die hard fashun kids know about him, but he really deserves wider recognition. Click here. Every look is so dark, moody, ornate, on trend, flawless really.



Brunch, my favorite meal of the day.



Samia and Ian, March 2011



Parka - American Apparel, Cardigan/Shirt - Vintage, Pants&Belt - Zara, Shoes- Dr. Martens

Thought i'd start out with an outfit post; I wore this to Study Wednesdays, which basically is half studying/half fun times hanging out. Thanks to Samia for these pictures! I'm wearing my new gold collars, my newest obsession right now. I also have this other super western pair with blue bulls on it. Very understated if you ask me...

I'm still trying to get used to my hair being down, i cant say i like it, but i just dont know what else to do with it.
Any suggestions? Maybe i'll just shave it all off... How does that sound?



Just a couple pictures from my latest roll of film.

In more unimportant borderline-rant news; I've lost all motivation to keep up with this blog... which makes me sad. I think my style of blogging was more about fashion news and collection reviews, and i was fine with that but now I want it to become something more personal/more like a visual diary. Back to how it all started? at the very very beginning my blog was just a place for me to keep track of all my sewing projects, but then i strayed. I don't know if it's necessarily a bad thing or not yet. Regardless, I haven't really been sewing that much lately; I just haven't had the time/energy and so it's not like there's anything to show you.

From now on, i'm going to try to take quick snaps of my outfits before going to school/work, Share more news about my life, More streetstyle, Additions to my ever exanding closet; My thrifting luck has been so good lately, I cant wait to show you all what i've gotten in the past few weeks!