Witchy Prep School vibes from Proenza Schouler's F/W 2010 collection. This winter, i'm taking most of my style cues from this collection; preppy, dark, black, peter pan collars, foresty metallic green, leather, and thick knits. The only thing i'm missing are those Proenza Schouler x J Brand jeans (ahem, christmas). oh feel free to throw in a black leather PS1 while you're at it Jack and Lazaro ;).

Outfit post?

Ralph Lauren button-up, Club Monaco Christmas knit, Brown leather Docs.

Sorry for the lame photobooth quality, I just don't have to time to set up my slr and place it and all that, it's so much easier to just use photobooth. I knew yesterday would be one of the few days left where i could get away with just wearing a large knit, and even though I promised myself I wouldn't wear any of my Christmas knits before December, I couldn't help it. Can you see a bit of the Proenza reference? k me either.

Here's a video of the livestream to refresh your memory:


  1. So good to see you're back! :D i really love the new header and little presentation.
    I simply adoore proenza schouler, and this season was really good compared tonall the other big names. (imo) i have a few things i want to diy.
    Maybe not 100% proenza but you got got the school inspiration down. For some reason the sweater makes me think of d&g. :) i like how you inspired yourself with womenswear and turned it to mens'. It gives a new view on the style.

    "hi im andrea & ill be following your journey" ;)

  2. thanks andrea!!
    what happened to your blog?!

  3. Haha! Well... I didnt have any inspiration anymore, but I just opened it back up. Have to get back into the blogging thing again. (It always happens to me a few times a year :P)
    (and your welcome! :) )