For those of you in Montreal, don't forget to stop by Samia/GOLDZMINE's Dapper Dan; MOVEMBER VERNISSAGE tomorrow.
It'll feature mustache themed art by plenty of local Montrealers and yours truly (though for my piece, "art" is a quite a stretch) Anyways it's a great event to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research. So come by, get your picture taken at the MUSTACHE-BOOTH, buy something(preferably my piece), or get a fun/useless felt mustache pin for your best friend!

Mustache Skewers and Pins made by me (lol) #craftcorner

OH! and I forgot; there's going to be sweet bands like Golden Isles too!
Check out their Take Away Show from La Blogotheque.

so come!
I promise my hair wont be so ugly!

3634 St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec
Metro: St-Laurent

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  1. Aww cute! It sounds like a fun theme.
    I went to Amsterdam not long ago, and saw these stickers in a window: mustaches for woman. I actually took a picture of them, thought it was funny :D