Here are two of the sunglasses that recently came into my life;

The Lanvin x HM sunglasses.

Thank god I didn't have to wait in line for these babies. I first discovered these classic Lanvin sunglasses through Sonny Groo (Editor in Chief of MYKROMAG, and ever since i've been lusting for a pair to make into prescription ones for myself. Unfortunately, they're sold out everywhere and impossible to get. Fortunately, the HM collab brought them back into my life, though I wont be turning these into prescription pairs. Anyways in my opinion these are basically the best piece of the whole collab and only 30$.

Vintage Inspired Circular Frames

These are just a cheap pair of 50's inspired sunglasses I got from EBAY thanks to PULLTEETH. I love the shape because it reminds me of the Linda Farrow ones except these are a fraction of the price, which is perfect for me since I can only wear sunglasses to the beach anyways(the only place where I can handle not having clear vision). It's just too much of a hassle to put on contacts every time I want to wear sunglasses. If I go somewhere sure it'll look cool for like an hour, but then at one point i'll have to take my sunglasses off and then look like a crazy person sans-glasses. (slash i'll feel naked). So no thank you.

p.s. how appropriate right? a sunglasses post, when there's ice covering everything outside, it's freezing, I wear 3 layer minimum a day... Just another reminder that i'm not going anywhere tropical this winter.

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