so lately, i havent been sewing as much as id like, blame school, but classes are over, and i just have two finals to go! These are just some things ive made lately, the black sweater (first picture) is the latest thing, i just made it today. The grey cardigan is a bit of mess, i made it like at 2 am when i couldnt sleep but tried to fix it yesterday, now it looks fine on. Then theres the hot pick skirt; the fabric reminds me of mens givenchy, [which i love] and then the yellow skirt is this banana-ey color, it looks like a smoothie! and such a bargain at 3$/m. Finally, the black cardigan, i made out of this thicker black stretch, and since ive never found that perfect blazer, I decided to Balmain this, well steph studded it, because i had to study. muhahaha. On a side note, i know people read this blog, so please comment more, well comment period.

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  1. i can't wait until i get my first elixe piece!