"Jane felt her blood freeze. Fiona never called Jane into her office unless she was in trouble. It was always something like, "Jane, the last time I checked, ivory and eggshell weren't the same color," or "Jane, is this message from Jeffrey with a J or Geoffrey with a G?" What had she done this time? Either way, she preferred that her humiliating lectures take place in private—just her and Fiona behind closed doors. Guess not today. She frowned at the cameras, which were supposed to be capturing "an average workday." Well, now, the L.A. Candy viewers are going to see my average butt getting yelled at, Jane thought."

- An exert from Lauren Conrad's new book, read some more over at Teen Vogue its so corny but obviously i love it. haha. i cant help and im sure its the purpose, but i always picture lauren as the narrator. Now we know why she left the hills. kristin will bomb the hills. its going to be horrible, i just know it.

UPDATE; just a little about my self lately; all ive been doing to just lounging and getting into the swing of summer. I know this summer is going to be amazing; possible job at URBAN, visits from the people i love most, my ability to drive now, etc.. but now, im studying. :( I have a calculus exam tomorrow and then a psychology exam on Thursday. so it study study mode, i actually went to the local library by myself yesterday! ohhhh and on Friday, I made myself some harem pants from that grey sweater material (the grey cardigan) ive been living in them for the past three days. theyre so sooo comfy and they make me look like a genie (annie), which is always a bonus hahah. alright, back to studying.

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  1. elixe shout-out?! what more could i possibly want in this world!? scoore.