I'm sorry for the random drought of posting, but balancing work and school was really getting tricky. Anyways things are starting to slow down and so i'm back! Where to start, hmmm. Well, I will be doing spring 2010 coverage, but im just waiting for Paris Fashion Week to wrap up and then i'll do a major post with all my favorite collections. Get excited for that.. haha and then I signed up for a press pass at MTL fashion week, so hopefully that goes though, I'm super excited for this season, because i know what im getting myself into and wont be like last season where i was just so "new" to everything.
In other news, I bought myself a new sewing machine after my second one broke. I have no idea how, i might be cursed :S but when i step on the petal it just doesnt move.. I got tired of waiting so i just sucked it up and bought another one. I've been sewing alot lately so i'll be updating on that soon enough too! OH,I've made my first bodice! It's a little loose but i'll get around to fixing it soon... Also stay tuned for my deconstructed take on a blazer. soo soo soo excited about that.
I guess that's all for now :)

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