ADELE : 21

Obsessed with Adele's new cd 21: beautiful, depressing, grand, uplifting.

"So I won't let you close enough to hurt me,
No I won't ask you, you to just desert me"


  1. im obsessed with Adele. period.

    shes one of the few singers who's songs actually make me tear up, i love her!

    check me out!


  2. Can't wait for this album to come out on the 22nd. check out her website for 21 days of new music and interviews. love her! http://www.adele.tv/21daysofadele/

  3. Let me start by saying I'm a 42 y.o female. While at my office about 3 weeks ago, a song came on the radio that stopped me in my tracks. I got out of my chair, went to check the radio station and immediately did an internet search to find out what this heavenly voice was. It was Adele singing "Rolling in the Deep". That night I went home and ordered this cd.