A couple(17) pictures from my trip to New York this past weekend. It was super last minute and on a whim. Did a whole bunch of touristy things, but it was so much fun.

Being/Eating like real Americans, Taking pictures like azn tourists at Times Square, Reading The New York Times at a Starbucks 2 streets away from the actual New York Times building, 20 chicken nuggets for 5$, atop the Empire State Building, the site of the first Alexander Wang store, Grand Central Station, breaking my heart(broke my heart), Magnolia Bakery, BOOKMARC, TIME'S UP, strolling through Soho, Jumping in Central Park, Losing all my money at Barneys, Late night Milkshakes, Having no more money to eat, Sweet tea, Drinking illegally on Saturday night, Being forced to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, Freezing 24/7; These are only a few of the awesome memories I have of this weekend. Now back to school and reality


  1. theeeeenks so much for posting these girlfriend. The photos are so gorgeous, looks like such a fun time... a nice getaway from school, that's for sure.


  2. How do you jump so high? I always wonder...
    I like the picture of the streets from above in B&W!

  3. lolol KARINA.
    and thanks!
    i love your blog too!
    when'd you start?!