Photos from Sansovino 6

Just discovered Sansovino 6's Fall/Winter 2010 collection. The line started when Edward Buchanan felt a certain void and therefore decided to launch his own line, looking to his friends; asking them what they were missing from their closets. The result, Italian brand Sansovino 6, based out of milan. The F/W collection focuses on luxe separates through knitwear. Utilizing exaggerated proportions and prints. I love the styling; so effortless but yet so put together and interesting. I also love how the pieces are so easily unisex, without losing any form of gender identity. Which is the case with most unisex brands; unisex doesn't have to mean void of gender, which is so much easier. The real challenge is making things that women can wear while retaining their femininity AND at the same time a man could wear the exact same piece without sacrificing his manliness. I think the photos above showcase the versatility really well. If you want your own piece of Sansovino 6, good luck, there are only 8 stockists in the world who carry it.

In other news, classes just ended (yay!) but that means exams are starting and so I probably wont be posting at all. Gotta hit the books!

and so
Happy holidays!

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