Last weekend, I was invited to a fashion show called GRISffé here in Montreal to benefit GRIS Montreal. At first I wasn't going to go but I got a last minute email with the latest additions; By Thomas(more on her later), Dane Richards, and Christian l'enfant roi (There were more designers but these are the ones worth checking out). When speaking about the Montreal fashion scene, honestly, there aren't many brands i'm proud of, but these three are definitely on that list. These Montreal brands offer progressive, unique visions that have the potential to gain international appeal. I remember seeing By Thomas's runway show during Fashion Week here, and was truly enamored with the tailoring, fabric selection, and workmanship. Obviously, I couldn't pass up the chance to see more of her clothes up close. The show itself was actually one of the best i've been in Montreal; the clothes were well curated, though I thought the styling could of used some refinement but overall it was a great, upbeat show. Unfortunately, the lighting was weird and my camera was acting up, so I couldn't get any good shots... these'll have to do!

This Jumper was crazy; dip dyed, perfectly draped and moved so well.
I couldn't remember the designer but whoever it was reminded me a lot Jeremy Laing's work. 

I didn't get a picture of my outfit, but see if you can spot me?

(hint: i'm channeling Mr.T)

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