So I just got back from a day out with friends, that's why i couldn't post earlier.
I know it's technically the 28th now, and i didnt announce the big changes but forgive me?

Afterall, this is my 200th post! SO EXCITING! So im hoping that all this free time I just gained from school being over, will be put forth into making this blog a lot better! I plan to post at least once a week (every tuesday!) and mabye a few outfit posts here and there? mabye a few editorials? I cant wait! The picture above is from a photoshoot I had with my cousins, it was a whole ode to complexgeometries and so i'll try to post the whole thing soon!

Finally, the biggest news is that I bought myself a domain! You are now (or should be) redirected to http://the-elixe.com !!! Blogger was being weird and all though and its not working now, but I sent them an email and so i hopefully it gets resolved soon. Anyways enjoy and thanks for sticking around!

big things ahead I promise!

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