I thought itd be fitting to post an update about my recent sewing projects. I haven't been sewing much lately these past few months because of school/work/friends and all that, but I've been feeling really inspired lately and so I hope I will have a lot more to show you soon!

So this is a shirt/dress I made for MTL fashion week. It's made from a linen base with like a bajillion meters of yarn loops. I initially made the top, then started sewing down the yarn loops along rows, bottom up. TOOK ME FOREVER but I love how it turned out! I was going to make a whole sweater like this, but it ended up being SO HOT (like boiling) wearing this, so I had to stop :P. Here's a picture of me wearing it at fashion week; [worst picture ever though]
There's actually a funny story with this, Steph actually wore it to Dane Richards' show and turns out his whole show used this loop technique (but with jersey)! SEE HERE. She felt like a crazy fan LOL

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This I made because I had nothing to wear and was particularly inspired by new Celine (PHEOBE <3) and so I made this, using nude/beige jersey with black stripes I bought a while ago. The shape is classic; boatneck neckline and super skinny sleeves, but I made the sleeves wider at the ends so it sorta covers my hands (think bellbottoms but for my hands). This really elongates everything!
This dress I made for Steph to wear to her friend's wedding! The fabric was only 8$! It's a black cotton with gold speckles, with a draped bodice. You cant really tell because my sewing form is really busty so it sorta stretched the boob area, but on Steph the bodice is draped.

I found stretch lace fabric and we had just watched THE CITY the night before and so obviously I had to make steph lace leggings LOL. they're pretty awesome.

I also made myself this blazer/cardigan hybrid a while ago; it has super skinny jersey sleeves and the rest is a combed cotton/polyester blend. I really love mixing difference textures lately because most of the things I make are black and so texture adds interest.

*there's more but im too lazy to take pictures of them, mabye later? :P

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