So this is my resort round up post; Resort is usually a weird buffer period but this season it turned into a full fledge season that featured extravagant runway shows, supposedly just because Anna wanted it. So here are my favourite looks from my three favourite collections this season, these were truly the most spectacular;


Alber always knows how to do parisian chic perfectly. I LOVE the bathing suit + bathing cap with flowers combo! (a whole lot better than this)+ how could you not love the reversible dress? it actually looks super chic! the thing i loved most about this collection was the theatricality of it all, resort is a fun season and it's perfect for designers to lighten up, especially when you have 8 collections a year to do!


I just want to start this out by saying how much I LOVE PHEOBE PHILO. Her aesthetic is just so refreshing and i'm so glad she's back. She's truly revived Celine, slowly turning it into a major powerhouse. I loved the color-blocking here and obviously the coats. I'm really developing a huge obsession for good structured coats :/ But obviously my favorite look was the flowy black one. I MEAN AMAZING.


and finally, the BEST COLLECTION EVER. seriously this is my dream collection. i mean, it has everything I LOVE: lace, transparency, LEOPARD print(done well), gold, monochrome, and obviously it's GIVENCHY. Ricardo Tisci totally reeled me back in, the latest couture collection was a bit of a mess for me, but i'm totally back on board with this collection. Just too good for words. It has the signature Givenchy aesthetic that Tisci has develloped for the brand recently and some menswear influence. Like that gold spike necklace/choker like the thorn necklace from menswear i've been lusting over. Overall this collection is just flawless.
 just too good for words, lets just sit and admire.

all pictures from style.com

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