So last weekend I went to the MAD MAUS, a party here in Montreal that's all about over the top-ness, aesthetic decadence, craziness. I don't usually go, but this time the MISHAPES were hosting and so I had to! So i wore this cropped nautical blazer(unfortunately my only purchase from Toronto), black dress shirt from zara, thrifted shreddy tank, and the vest with the long train, which i made. I was inspired by the backpacks from Alexander Wang's fall 2010. I freaking love it, but I can't really wear it anywhere else cause it's such a "look". I love how light and sheer it is and i'm pretty sure it was on sale for 6$/meter at fabricville!


  1. I'm happy to see you put comments back on :)
    I like your outfit! :D I love black, and the different layers here and the train are very cool. (I have a thing at the moment for trains)
    I also like your website, for once we get to see a guys vision! :D (yes I'm a newly men's wear converted... ^^ )

    Suscribed and added your blog to mine!
    (ps thank you for adding mine :P)
    (oh ps2: are you an aspiring designer? :) )

  2. yay! so nice! the train is fantastic.

  3. I really appreciate the detail of the vest under the blazer that's a great idea !
    Fantastic look