So a super long time ago, (ages really) I got the chance to go see the Fall collections from Acne, Nudie Jeans and Filippa K thanks to Samia. I had initially written this post but never gotten around to publishing it because I wanted to wait till my big reveal of my new domain to post it, and then I accidentally just forgot about it, but here it is now: (sorry emily!)

This is without a doubt the coolest thing having a blog has allowed me to do. The fashion scene in Montreal isn't very strong, and whatever there is in Montreal, really only stays in Montreal. That's why I was super excited for this because Nudie, Filippa K and Acne are all widely recognized brands around the world and it was just exciting to go to my very first presentation.


So Steph and I started out at the Nudie Booth, the lovely Emily, Nudie jean's representative, was super kind and walk us through the collection. She explained to us the exact nature of the brand, their philosophy and the art of raw denim. What I really retained and loved about Nudie Jeans, is that they're so laid back. The whole aesthetic is hip and totally relaxed. I loved that you could feel her genuine commitment to the brand and the fact that she knew everything and was super excited about the brand. It was really refreshing to see. Here are some of the tidbits i learned; the fit and colors of the jeans are actually inspired by the ones that the employees back in home office wear and each season they try to recreate the same look. I just love the whole concept of raw denim, I think it's super important for guys to have good jeans. Even though prices start at around 200+, a good pair will be worth it because it will last you a lot longer and you can tell when a pair of jeans is of good quality. The bonus to wearing raw denim is that the jeans form to your body and personal creases start to form over time. So they are truly your jeans. click here to see this awesome video that totally captures what the nudie essence is all about.


Second was ACNE, initially I was super excited to see the atacombas, but sadly they werent/couldnt be brought in. But it was alright because the clothes were awesome. I loved this metallic jean with the panels, and the grey jersey/black cocktail dress with the extreme sweetheart neckline. The clothes were just really really cute.


and finally, we stopped by at Filippa K where we met the super swedish and adorable Emma, representative of Filippa K. She really was Filippa K; She encapsulated the whole brand and what it stands for; A no fuss approach but with some quirk. She walked us through the mens and womens collections but what I really loved was the menswear. There were a few different inspirations for this collection; but the author inspiration was my favorite. There were fun details like elbow patches on the sleeves of blazers, and corduroys. My favorite pieces were the blue dress shirt and the red knit sweater. The dress shirt, i liked because it was an interesting modern take on the "trendy" denim shirt and the red sweater was the perfect mix of cozy and frumpy. In person it was the most electric red. i'm totally lusting over it.

I just wanted to thank Want Agency for inviting me and extending this opportunity to me! It's really exciting and reassuring to see that legitimate fashion business is going on here in Montreal.

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