samia and i interviewing chris from NEVERSHOUTNEVER!

So this Saturday(July 10th), I went to the Vans Warped Tour (lulz).
Luckily I got a press pass, so i was able to take really nice pictures up close! The mood was, as usual, super hyped and m3tal. Interestingly, this year there were a lot more "screamo" bands, and so out of the whole lineup I knew a total of like 4 bands playing, which was a major part of why i felt SUPER old and out of place. Everyone was 14 with their black hair and blond streaks, cat eye makeup and neon clothes. hey, no judgment here. Lord knows that was me a few(two) years back. [ HELLO ADORENICK // MYSPACE NAMES ] Overall I had an amazing time hanging out with Samia, Steph & Joanna, Annie and Jullyane. We all felt so 'old' even though we've been to every single one for like 4 consecutive years. Click through to see my pictures and some stories!

+ exclusive interview video/short movie in collab with GOLDZMINE & the FIERCONISTAS to come soon!


So first, Samia and I stopped by Suicide Silence's set to take some test shots. They were way too hardcore for me; hair flips, head banging and all. Not/Surprisingly, Samia actually knew who they were. I found video evidence of the whole event

check around 1:10 for my arrival. You can tell how i don't fit in; a whole lot of screamin' goin' on. m3tal. OH and while enjoying the set, we spotted this fellow with red extensions in his dreads, and the "coolest" ghetup i'd seen all day. I can't decide if it's neo-grunge or just plain crazy.

After we went to go see this band where supposedly one of the guys in the band went to Annie's friend's high school. Turns out they were Anarbor, who werent that bad and i got really great pictures too! love the hair!

Then we checked out The Rocket Summer' set, which was in short amazing. Just filled with nostalgia. When he played this:

It was just a rush of good oogly feelings! Like rainbows and unicorns! uhm mabye not exactly, but you get what i mean. It was just a great set and it was awesome singing along with the crown behind us who knew all the lyrics. The only fail moment was when Bryce tried to do a crowd dive but failed miserably; it was just so awkward and lasted like 5 seconds too long + he didn't move anywhere = fail. soo brutal.

After I had to leave to go to work for a bit, so I missed my interview with Jac Vanek, and didnt get a change to buy a bracelet. I've always wanted that "stay gold" one. Totally regret not buying it + im also bummed i missed out on the only "fashion-y" part of warped. -_- Anyways after i got back, I was supposed to interview the Pretty Reckless(taylor momsen's band) but they cancelled last minute, so i rushed over to the All American Rejects set. Tyson was wearing this too-good-for-words white suit, basketweave shoes, and topman tie. It was such a nice change to see his outfit admist the dirty grungy looks from every other band. Their set was also super crazy amazing. Steph, Jullyane and I were singing along while Samia gave us disapproving looks. *guity pleasure*

Tyson showing off his accessorizing skills and Nick wearing a tee from Urban!

Taylor Momsen

Then I went to go see the Sum 41 set by myself because everyone was off doing something else. The photopit was freaking CRAZY crowded and people were just going crazy. MOSHPIT EVERYWHERE. i got there late so I was at the left edge, when all of a sudden derek comes near me:

I knew he was going to throw the water but i thought it would just go past me since i was directly under him, but turns out he doesn't aim well and well, the water landed all on me, and my poor camera. at least the pictures look cool right? Anyways, the rest of the set was alright, I just felt as though they was too old, and hazbeen-y. I just think they represent like a huge part of everyone(who was there)'s childhood, and so it doesn't really matter how crazy his hair looked or how old they were, it was just a good moshpitting, crowd surfin good time.

Joanna and her amazingly kitschy,DIY looking Miss Sixty vest

Samia and I wanted to streetstyle at warped but that was kind of a fail,
unless you like 14 year old myspace queens, then we would of hit the jackpot.
Regardless, here are samia and annie's warped outfits. cuties!

That's it for my WARPED TOUR '10 post, hope you feel more m3tal now. If you feel the need to now listen to some "BRING ME THE HORIZON" and paint your nails black then i have suceeded, but probably not since i only posted about the least metal bands ever.

i leave you with this:


  1. yaaaaay this is such a good summup of our day ahahahah i like how anti metal you are and how pro pop punk you seem to be!

    ah well, good coverage of fashion too!

    really good post nicolas!

  2. Taylor Momsen what a bitch